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Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 9)

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Operation Capture Baba Yaga Arc

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Death tries to reorient himself after Death the Kid connects one of his Lines of Sanzu. Meanwhile, in Baba Yaga Castle, Eruka Frog and the Mizune Family destroy one of the last Demon Tool Locks. Elsewhere, Kilik Rung has to fight numerous Demon Tool Soldiers to destroy the Castle's last lock, allowing Maka Albarn and Medusa Gorgon to enter Arachne's Spider Throne Room.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 9) is the fifty-fourth chapter of the Soul Eater manga series.

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Death RoomEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 54 - Lord Death collapses

Death collapses as Kid connects a Line of Sanzu

Spirit Albarn is shocked to see Death begin to collapse. Although Death assures his Death Scythe that he is okay, Death realizes that his son has connected one of his Lines of Sanzu. While Death thinks this event has led to "a happy day," Spirit looks concerned. Death reminds Spirit not to be sad, as any father is always proud to see his son become a man. Spirit smiles and admits Death is correct.

Baba Yaga Castle, Tower EightEdit

Death the Kid is in pursuit of Mosquito. Yet his mind is focused on the Shinigami powers that BREW released in him. As Kid assumes such was the reason why his father gave him BREW for this mission, Kid intends not to fail Death.

Liz Thompson interrupts Kid's thoughts to confirm that they have two more Demon Tool Locks to destroy, which should be their goal, not pursuing Mosquito. Kid answers that Eruka Frog and the Mizune Family can handle this situation following Free's error. Therefore, Kid thinks it is best that he and his weapons create a distraction in the castle's center, which happens to be to where Mosquito is likely running, so that their colleagues can more quickly destroy the Locks.

Baba Yaga Castle, Tower OneEdit

Meanwhile, Eruka Frog complains to three of the Mizune Family about how mad she is at that "dumbass" Free: he was supposed to handle Tower One, instead he intended to go to Tower Two and leave Eruka and Mizune to destroy Tower One, but instead he ended up in Tower Eight, which is in the opposite direction of Tower One. As there are four of them to take down that tower, however, Eruka is optimistic, especially as the Shibusen students will take down any other towers.

Baba Yaga Castle, Tower TwoEdit

Double T

Kilik attacks Demon Tool Soldiers with Double T

Elsewhere, Kilik Rung and his weapons, Fire and Thunder, are exposed to the Demon Tool Soldiers. While the Soldiers assume Kilik and his weapons are some new model, the meister has already ordered his weapons to transform, as he intends to use each of his hands' Vector Boost magic attacks against these soldiers. He initiates one on Fire, engulfing numerous soldiers in flames who are only more confused, still thinking Kilik is a Demon Tool Soldier but with a "bug." Kilik then initiates his last Vector Boost with Thunder, producing Double T to electrify other soldiers.

Despite Kilik's destructive attacks, two soldiers remain standing. One unmasks, intending to use their "special Demon Tool powers of insight to figure out what this guy really is." This Insight Demon Tool Soldier reveals that he is wearing headgear that empowers his eyes to collect so much data on Kilik that the meister might as well be naked. While Kilik is shocked at this soldier's abilities, the soldier's findings are quotidian: he only identifies that Kilik is 13 years old, has a 26-inch waist, has ten percent total body fat, and is a Shibusen student.

Demon Tool Soldier 2

Kilik faces Demon Tool Soldier 2

Upon learning Kilik is with Shibusen, another Demon Tool Soldier arrives behind the Insight Demon Tool Soldier and the other Soldier. This newly arrived Soldier reveals himself to be a towering figure, with long limbs and fingers, his shoulders decorated with Arachnophobia's symbols and the number 2 spread across his abdomen. Demon Tool Soldier 2 has been programmed in all of the world's forms of martial arts, which only impresses rather than intimidates Kilik to now have a worthy opponent. But Kilik struggles to follow the Soldier's fast boxing footwork. The Soldier stops to perform a sumo fake out then a Thai boxing move, an explosive middle-kick, another sumo fake out, and a karate straight-punch, all of which Kilik manages to block or dodge. Upon the next sumo fake out, Kilik performs an uppercut, complaining that sumo is hardly impressive, "just a buncha naked fatasses gettin' touchy-feely with each other" (the manga including an editorial comment that Kilik's remarks come from the viewpoint of someone who is not Japanese).

The Insight Demon Tool Soldier complains that the defeated martial arts expert entered this battle before gathering enough data. The Insight Demon Tool Soldier then reveals he can predict an opponent's actions twenty moves in advance. Kilik feels intimidated, worrying whether he should change his strategy. But before he can make one move, the Insight Demon Tool Soldier almost immediately concedes, claiming that in reading those next twenty moves he could see no way to defeat Kilik. Kilik responds by punching the Insight Demon Tool Soldier in the head with a left jab—which the Insight Demon Tool Soldier claims he predicted.


Morubi arrives

Two other Demon Tool Soldiers witness Kilik's attack and complain that they are not strong enough to defeat this meister. But one Soldier reminds the others that there is one Soldier, created by Eibon himself, who can stop Kilik. This Soldier arrives: Morubi, the Toy Demon Tool Soldier. Morubi resembles a puppy standing upright, who barely reaches Kilik's kneecaps, wearing a conical party hat and an Arachnophobia necktie, with the Star of David in each of his eyes. He clicks his belly button, causing doves, stars, and confetti to explode around him, as he bangs cymbals. Kilik is unimpressed—but Fire and Thunder revert to their Shaman forms and, like the children they are, rush forward to play with the toy Morubi. Kilik then sees that he now faces towering Demon Tool Soldiers, while he is now unarmed. While Fire and Thunder play with Morubi, Kilik tries to dodge the other Soldiers' attacks.

Baba Yaga Castle, Tower OneEdit


Mizune merges

Meanwhile, Eruka and the Mizune Family have transformed into their animal forms so that they can sneak through the Castle's pipes to enter this Lock Room. While Eruka sets her Tadpole Bombs, the Mizune draw the enemy's attention, using Merge to transform into Squeak Squeak Squeak x3. Unlike their previous merged form when fighting Blair, this Mizune is shorter and less buxom, wearing a sleeveless dress with a short skirt and thigh-high socks with mouse paws for feet. The Arachnophobia agents recognize Mizune as one of the person who has been destroying the Castle's Demon Tool Locks. But Mizune attacks with Beam Whiskers, decimating the agents, coating the walls in their blood.

While Eruka plants her bombs, a shocked soldier asks Mizune why a witch like her opposes Arachnophobia. Mizune ignores the question to say, "Easy peasy pudding and pie." Eruka calls Mizune to retreat, as she has placed all of her Tadpole Bombs. Mizune divides into three mices. As they depart, Eruka turns back and blows a kiss to the agents.

Baba Yaga Castle, Tower TwoEdit

Kilik is still trying to dodge the sweeping attacks by the towering Demon Tool Soldiers, all while he castigates his weapons to stop playing with Morubi. Morubi silently mocks Kilik, joyful at the fact that Fire and Thunder will not grow bored with his "Demon Tool fun ... anytime soon."

Soul Eater Chapter 54 - Harvar kills Morubi

Harvar kills Morubi

A Demon Tool Soldier lunges at Kilik, but he is sliced in half by Lightning King Drill, performed by Harvar D. Éclair as wielded by Ox Ford. Kim Diehl then appears and destroys the other Soldier with Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré's Volantern attack. The weapons revert to their human form, as Ox apologizes to Kilik for his lateness. Harvar, however, is more interested in Morubi, which he approaches and proceeds to stab through the head with his hand blade. Harvar urges his teammates to hurry to find the Demon Tool Lock. Ox reluctantly agrees, but Fire and Thunder are trembling in Kilik's arms, and Kim and Jacqueline hold each other while they too tremble, all due to Harvar's shocking violence.

These students eventually find the Demon Tool Lock. Wielding their weapons, Kilik, Ox, and Kim destroy the Lock with their attacks, including AFX T and Lightning King Drill.

Security RoomEdit

As Arachnophobia agents watch their sensors, they see that all eight of Baba Yaga Castle's Demon Tool Locks are now destroyed, leaving the Spider Queen Room open to an attack. Yet the Sorcerer Eibon assures the Arachnophobia agents that Arachne has fully prepared her magic.

Spider Queen RoomEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 54 - Maka falls under Arachne's madness

Arachne's madness gets a hold of Maka

Medusa Gorgon, possessing the body of Rachel Boyd, announces to Maka Albarn and Soul Eater that the magical barrier has dissipated. As such, Maka assumes her Soul Perception should be able to locate Crona's Soul Wavelength, to find where they are being held as Arachne's prisoner. But as she performs Soul Perception, Maka and Medusa both sense a magical attack coming towards them. Spiderweb threads, looking like strings, shoot at the trio. Under the influence of this magic, all three begin to hallucinate that they have been transformed into marionettes.



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