Soul Eater - Chapter 0 -DTK
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"Death the Kid"

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Prologue 3: Death the Kid (プロローグ3: デス・ザ・キッド, Purorōgu 3: Desu za Kiddo)

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The Perfect Boy – Death the Kid's Magnificent Mission?

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A youthful death god obsessed with perfection and his two partners who can together turn into a pair of twin demon pistols, head to the golden sands of Egypt to deal with a witch converting lost souls into mummies; Does a protector of death have the right to have faults?

Death the Kid (デス・ザ・キッド, Desu za Kiddo) is the third of the three initial one-shot chapters of the Original Soul Eater manga. It was first printed in the autumn 2003 special edition of Gangan Powered and later reprinted in the tankōbon; volume 1. The anime episode The Perfect Boy. Death the Kid’s Magnificent Mission? is based on this chapter.

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Egypt (first appearance)


Chapter 0.3 - Kid yells at Patty for being off

Kid yells at Patty for being off in her stance.

In the deepest shade of night, Death the Kid, the son of Death himself, has the phantom thief Lupin in his sight, gunning him down via his Weapon partners, the Thompson sisters. The three prepare to take his tainted soul, but Kid is distracted by his group's pose, Patty standing off center. As the boy rants about his weapons' stance, Lupin escapes, Kid not paying attention to this fact.

Kid continues to lecture the Thompsons about the ever beautiful concept of Symmetry, specifically bilateral. He explains that he chose the Thompsons as partners because together they transform into twin demon pistols, for for each hand, to allow Kid to remain symmetrically armed. But in human form, the sisters are not quite symmetrical, not only in Patty's failure to stay centered but in height, age, and, as he proceeds to grope the girls, breast size.

Liz swings at Kid, only for the young reaper to dodge. Liz identifies how despite his desire for symmetry Kid himself has three white stripes on the left side his hair. Shocked at this attack, Kid collapses into sadness, denouncing own worth. Resigned, Liz and Patty comfort Kid enough so he may call his father to report their status.

Chapter 0.3 - Death talks to Kid, Liz, and Patty

Kid, Liz, and Patty speak to Shinigami-sama.

Kid uses a spell to show a projection of his father, who compliments the stripes at his hair. As Kid finds this remark bothersome, Shinigami changes topics to ask how Kid's soul collection has progressed. Shinigami also reminds Kid that, as a Reaper, he does not have to turn his weapons into Death Scythes, let alone collect souls. Kid, however, wants to make his own weapons with his own two hands. Resigned, Shinigami informs Kid that, with two weapons, he will be required to collect twice as many souls. As Kid desires to accomplish this 200-soul task in one go, he requests a new mission from Shinigami. Kid's father gives the son the skinny on an occurrence in Egypt about a necromancer witch, Samantha, inside the Pyramid Anubis. The witch transforms wandering souls into hostile mummies. Kid seizes the opportunity, bidding adieu to his father to travel by flying skateboard to Egypt.

Egypt, Pyramid Anubis

Chapter 0.3 - Liz, Patty, and Kid arrive at the Pyramid of Anubis

Kid, Liz, and Patty arrive at the Pyramid of Anubis.

After landing by way of magical skateboarding, Kid and the girls enter the pyramid. While Kid is impressed with the pyramid's symmetry, Liz is afraid of such dark, spooky places, while Patty is in a state of charming bewilderment.

Liz notices that Kid is quiet and starts to sweat, this is over the thought of the painting inside his home, Gallows Manor not being symmetrical and wanting to go back to check but, Liz grabs his shoulder in a flustered rage and tells him not to be so uptight as well as telling him that they'll check when everythings done as she drags him along. The group runs right into the mummies that at first appear cut and innocent, but quickly change into the evil monstrosities they are and at the same time, Liz asks Kid if his ready to fight however, only a neatly written note left by Kid himself is there. The letter explains where he is and to be careful to watch Liz and Patty's step in the pyramid. After the surprise of their meister not being present, Liz and Patty work off each other acting as meister to the other one while elsewhere, the Necromancer witch herself, Samantha attempts to summon the Pharaoh from his ancient slumber. Samatha succeeds in her goal but is eaten by the Pharaoh's sarcophagus as the eye of it cries bloody tears, claiming her for her misdeeds against the Pharaoh's people.

Gallows Mansion

Kid has made sure everything at his home is in place, now ready to return to Egypt on his trusty flying skateboard.

The Pyramid of Anubis

Still within the walls of the pyramid, Liz and Patty hear disturbing noises coming from the building's center.

Patty provokes the cause of the noise causing Liz to almost cry with fear, the two stumble upon the sarcophagus and Samantha's disembodied hand again causing Liz to freak out and therefore is captured by the Pharaoh.

Death the Kid returns to the pyramid and on the inside finds a seemingly symmetrical orb-shaped creature of which he worships for a second until he discovers that the creature has four eyelashes on it's left eye and three on the right, prompting Kid to kick it sky high, killing it as a result. He ventures deeper in the pyramid to find the Thompsons "tied up" in a very suggestive fashion and attempts to exit the room, Liz yells for his attention as the Pharaoh begins to strike.

Kid asks what is occurring and requests that the girls changed into Weapon form, but they are unable to do so so long as the Wrappings of the Pharaoh are touching them. Kid uses his Tornado Flip to cut the wrappings and the girls turning the Demon Pistols as Kid readies a stance. He takes a blow to the face after discovering something unusual about what's in front of him.

The Pharaoh's sarcophagus is perfectly symmetrical, rendering Kid in a state of hopeless awe, taking a beating from the evil spirit. Liz is unaware of the situation and comments this isn't like him, Kid then admits this fact loudly and prepares to die. After getting cruelly beaten, the Pharaoh plans to finish the job by stepping out of the Sarcophagus to deliver the coup de grâce. Battered, Kid instantously awakens to see the mix-matched appearance of the Pharaoh's true form, Death the Kid comes to an insatiable anger, taking pot shots at the spirit until he really gets fired up and begins out right gunning him down.The three retrive his soul and exit the pyramid. Before biding adieu to Anubis, the structure falls to pieces and Kid denounces his self-worth again, The girls cheer up to a point where he's up in the air complaining their breasts are still different.

Death Room

As punishment for the destruction of Anubis, Shinigami takes away Kid's collected souls causing him to freak out one last time.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Episode 3 includes a lengthier sequence involving Lupin's escape from a building decorated with skulls. In the Prologue chapter, however, Lupin's escape from the building is not shown, and any buildings around Kid are decorated not with skulls but with noses to resemble faces, snakes, and parrots.
  • In the Prologue chapter, Lupin steals gold. In this episode, Lupin steals human souls.
  • In the Prologue chapter, Lupin speaks in surprise at the Thompsons' weapon abilities. In this episode, Lupin does not speak in sentences.
  • In the Prologue chapter, while Kid and the Thompsons are distracted, Lupin runs away. In Episode 3, Lupin sees a sewer manhole at his feet with a skull logo on it, which he opens and shoves down his bag of souls. While Patty tries to draw Kid's attention to Lupin's escape in this episode, she does not do so in the chapter.
  • In the Prologue chapter, after groping her breasts, Kid dodges Liz's punch. In this episode, Liz's punch lands successfully.
  • In this chapter, Death explains how Samantha creates mummies. This explanation does not occur in Episode 3.
  • In Episode 3, Samantha performs a ceremony with Kishin eggs to revive the Pharaoh. As Kishin eggs appear only in the Soul Eater anime, this ceremony is not included in this chapter.
  • Episode 3 includes additional scenes focusing on Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki's experiences that same day at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.
    • In this episode, after Kid receives his mission from Death, the scene cuts to Soul and Black Star irritated about a new meister, namely Kid, taking the Anubis mission. Throughout the episode, while Maka and Tsubaki bemoan their partners' foolishness, Soul and Black Star struggle to learn more about Kid from Death, Spirit, and Auntie to no avail.
    • Finally, the two learn about Kid from Sid Barett, who makes his first appearance in this episode. None of these scenes appear in the third Prologue chapter, hence the scene after Kid receives his father's instructions moves immediately to the Pyramid Anubis.
    • Learning about Kid is what infuriates Soul and Black Star to the point that they challenge the shinigami to a duel on his first day of classes.
    • Also, in that Prologue chapter, Spirit and the four students do not appear, and the first appearances of Auntie, Sid, and the Death Weapon Meister Academy are postponed in the manga.
  • The eye conversation between Patty and Liz in the pyramid differentiates three times. In the Prologue chapter, Liz and Patty discuss how eyes are being crushed when they blink. In this episode's original Japanese, Patty wonders whether eyes stop working when blinking. In the Funimation English dub, Patty asks whether if people didn't close their eyes while sneezing, would their eyes pop out. Depending on the media, Patty's response to Liz's eye drop solution would be either to steal a lot of eye drops or try to keep her eyes open and test her theory. However, in the Prologue chapter, instead of stealing eyedrops, Patty tells her sister to make sure they have some stocked up.
  • In the Prologue chapter, after confirming his framed painting is evenly hung, Kid dons glasses from a case before departing Gallows Mansion. This moment does not occur in Episode 3.
  • In the Prologue chapter, Liz and Patty experienced more damage to their clothes from the Pharaoh's attack. First, in that chapter the Pharaoh completely removed Liz and Patty's pants and removed Liz's underwear enough to expose all of Liz's backside. In this episode, tugged down the Thompsons' pants and underwear without removing all attire or exposing Liz's backside. Second, in the Prologue, the Pharaoh exposed almost all of Patty's breasts lifting her top and tore a hole in Liz's top to expose her cleavage, and this tear remains for the rest of the chapter. In this episode, the Pharaoh lifts Patty's top without exposing as much of her breasts and does not tear any hole in Liz's top. Finally, in the Prologue, the Pharaoh removed the Thompsons' ties, whereas in Episode 3, they retain their ties.
  • In the Prologue chapter, Kid asks the pharaoh whether he is from Mixed-up Island. However, in Episode 3's original Japanese, Kid asks whether he is a citizen of "Jumble Island," but he never mentions such places in the Funimation English dub.
  • In the Prologue chapter, when Kid annihilates the Pharaoh, he shouts that the decorations he is adorned with were in the way. In the original Japanese of Episode 3, Kid shouts that the decorations are impediments, and in the Funimation English dub, Kid shouts that the Pharaoh is disgusting.


  • The scene in which Kid gropes the Thompsons' breasts will appear again in the manga's final chapter, one of many allusions to various moments of fan service from the Prologue chapters. However, in that final chapter, Liz does successfully punch Kid before he can dodge as he does in this chapter.
  • The spell Death the Kid performed, in Sign Language, means "I love you."
  • When licked by the mummies, Liz crosses her fingers, a Japanese custom for warding off dirt.[1]
  • The badge on the Pharaoh's forehead resemble the logo from Atsushi Ōkubo's previous manga B. Ichi.
  • Japanese fiction aimed at men has a panty-type classification system for female characters. Roughly speaking, female characters that are "childish" or "sexually immature" are likely to wear plain white panties of practical size or even a little large. Female characters that are "women" or "sexually active" wear small and subtly decorated panties. Female characters that are inbetween, sexually mature but not active, which is usually tied to "unrefined" behavior, wear striped panties, also known as shimapan. In this chapter, Liz is shown to wear fine underwear, marking her as a woman, while Patty's striped underwear communicates she's not interested in sexual activity yet. Chapter 1 will show that Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is on Liz's level, while Maka Albarn is still sexually immature. This classification is reflected in several later moments in the manga, like the events of the Lust chapter during the Salvage Arc.


  1. Soul Eater Volume 1: Yen Press English translation, page 203

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