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Tsubaki - Kusarigama
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Excuse me! I'm not a microphone, I'm a chain scythe! A Weapon!

Tsubaki, Episode 2

The Chain Scythe (鎖鎌, Kusarigama) also known as a Kusarigama in the English dub, is one of Tsubaki's Weapon forms. Tsubaki transforms into a long metal chain with each end of the chain tipped with a yellow handle that has a small double-edged and double-pointed scythe blade attached. Three dark grooves appear below each blade. There are yellow dots on the handles, making them appear as if they have 'eyes.'

Tsubaki's Chain Scythe form is the form Black Star makes use of by far the most in battles, and is normally the first form Tsubaki takes when entering a battle. It likely offers Black Star the most versatile use of moves for attack and defense, while he uses most of Tsubaki's other forms when a situation calls for their use. The Chain Scythe form can be used in close-range combat, and also long-range as the scythe blades can be thrown at an opponent as an attack, or as a means to trap them to make them wide open for a close-range attack. Tsubaki's Chain Scythe form is also used by Black Star to execute a number of other special moves. The chain on this Weapon form alters a lot, implying that maybe Tsubaki can control the length of this Weapon form.

Using the Uncanny Sword, a more powerful and advanced form of this form is Shadow Star: First Form - Chain of Blackness.

In the Book of Eibon, when Tsubaki is transformed into a male, her Chain Scythe form, according to Black Star, looks a bit more unrefined to suit Tsubaki's masculine appearance. The scythe blades lose their double points and curve smoothly in a similar manner to Soul's scythe blade, and is also much broader, and two bolts are screwed in on the handles instead of the yellow dots.

Maka is also able to wield Tsubaki in her Chain Scythe form when they perform as Weapon and Meister partners briefly against the battle with Free. Maka can only use Tsubaki in her Chain Scythe form, but she still manages to utilize it perfectly.

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