Carcan Claw
Carcan Claw
Technique Data
English Title Carcan Claw
Romaji Karukan Bura
Katakana 首枷の籠手 (カルカン・ブラ)
Alternate Title(s)
Type Melee, Immobilization
Derived Magic
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 26
Anime Debut 27

Carcan Claw (首枷の籠手 (カルカン・ブラ), Karukan Bura; literally meaning "Neck Shackle Gauntlet"), also known as Carcan Bras (Neck Shackle Guard in the Funimation English dub), is an immobilization technique used by Justin Law.


Justin converts the forearm of his left arm into the headlock component of his guillotine weapon form, to grab and restrain one of his opponents limbs, in order to subsequently attack his enemy at close range. As this ability only makes use of a single appendage, Justin's other limbs are free to conduct the proceeding attack, including his head as clearly demonstrated during its initial display.[1]

The technique has a significant amount of restrictive force that keeps the headlock closed, however, if this limit is overcome or the continuation of the move puts himself at great risk, Justin will be forced to release to prevent damage from occurring.


It is possible or better yet theorized that in Chapter 86 of the manga Justin uses what seems to be a madness based variation of the Carcan Claw only it has doubled in number and size. They also appear to have eyes in the center of their now bear trap-like mouths as they seek out a target via heat detection and later clamping on to them preventing any movement of the captured target.


  • The name comes from the French "carcan" ("iron collar," "pillory") and "bras" ("arms"), as Justin can convert his arm into a literal iron collar.[2]
    • As the word "carcan" suggests by its association with the pillory, this particular technique's name alludes to the Carcan of French law, as an iron ring around the neck to tie a prisoner to a post, or as a symbol of punishment itself for public humiliation.[3]


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