"The hell are you from?"
"I'm the hell from CSI!

— A detective and Yo-Yo girl as the detective asks who she is.[1]

CSI Yo-Yo Girl Cop

CSI: Yo-Yo Girl Cop as it appears on television.

CSI:Yo-Yo Girl Cop, also known as Sukeban CSI, is a drama[1] on TV in which follows the protagonist, Saki Asamiya, as she solves crimes. It seems of be one of Anya Hepburn and Meme Tatane's favorite television shows.[1]

From the dialogue of the show and Meme and Anya pretending to be character from the show, it seems that the majority of the characters all speak in a "thuggish" manner, even If the situation doesn't call for such an attitude to be displayed.[1]


One day, the trio watched the drama. As Tsugumi watched the drama while eating potato chips, Anya and Meme took an instant liking to the television show. The next day at Deathbucks Cafe, both girls exchange dialogue pretending to be characters from the show. [1]


  • The drama is heavily based on the the real life Japanese movie, Yo-Yo Cop Girl.
  • The drama is also based on the actual manga series, Sukeban Deka


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