Brush-san, wash my leg next.

Blair, Chapter 0.1

Brush-san (ブラシさん Burashi San in Japanese) is Blair's magic scrub brush and another one of her Magic Lifeforms that scrubs her during her baths. It is revealed to be a living entity as Blair must tell it what to do next.

Characteristics and UsesEdit

Brush-san has the appearance of a simple blue scrub brush, but on its back, it is revealed that it has face made up of black splodges. It always appears to be smirking. It has the ability to fly and its main function is to serve as Blair's scrub brush for when she is taking a bath, and is happy to comply to any of her wishes.

Part in the StoryEdit


Brush-san scrubbing Blair's back.

Brush-san plays no significant role to the plot. Its first appearance is during Blair's first debut where it is seen scrubbing Blair during her bubble bath.

Brush-san's second appearance is when Blair is taking a bath complaining that she is bored, where it is once again seen scrubbing her in the bath. When Blair accidentally slips under the bathwater, Brush-san gets flung off of her leg.