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Boxing (Bokushingu, ボクシング) is a western Martial Way discipline.


As a martial art, boxing is a striking art of fighting with fists in which is characterized by the user, whom is in a fully upright stance standing with the legs shoulder-width apart and the rear foot a half-step in front of the lead man. Both feet are parallel, and the right heel is off the ground. The lead (left) fist is held vertically about six inches in front of the face at eye level. The rear (right) fist is held beside the chin and the elbow tucked against the ribcage to protect the body. The chin is tucked into the chest to avoid punches to the jaw which commonly cause knock-outs and is often kept slightly offcenter. Wrists are slightly bent to avoid damage when punching and the elbows are kept tucked in to protect the ribcage. Some boxers fight from a crouch, leaning forward and keeping their feet closer together. Common techniques within boxing include an uppercut, jab, hook, and cross.[1]


  1. Soul Eater Manga: Chapter 54 — Since Boxing in Soul Eater is treated much like it's real world counterpart, we can assume they're just about the same.

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