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Bloody Coat
Bloody Coat
Technique Data
English Title Bloody Coat
Romaji Buraddi Koto
Katakana ブラッディコート
Alternate Title(s)
Type Defense,
Derived Magic
Class Barrier
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 82
Anime Debut
Black☆Star managed to crack the Black Blood's armour in the last fight. To sincerely switch to the defensive is a wise choice.

Medusa, Chapter 82

Utilizing one of the wing-like projections composed entirely from a significant quantity of Black Blood, which is only made possibly after previously conducting a Madness Fusion with the The Black Clown, Crona wraps one of their wings around their body to form a rather thin physical barrier between themselves and an adversary's attack. Despite the relative fragility displayed by the appearance of this barricade, due to the hardening capabilities of the dark material that it is constructed from, it is in fact able to block even powerful blows that connect with it. This is aptly demonstrated in the ability's first appearance, where it survived an enormous collision with the attack of the Death Scythe Tsar Pushka, seemingly without suffering any visible damage.

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