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Chapter 27

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Episode 28

A Bloodsucker[1] (吸血鬼, Kyūketsuki) is a monsterous species known for their ability to siphon blood out of living beings.[2]


Bloodsucker generally possess a human-like appearance with a few abnormalities such as fangs. This makes them a popular dress-up choice during Halloween.[3]

The soul of bloodsuckers also seem to generally be a pinkish hue in color and look similar to that of a witch's soul. It is among the species in the anime counted as a Kishin Eggs when deceased or sensed.[4] Their souls also register as "monster" souls.[5]


Bloodsuckers seem to be a powerful monster-type race. Their most noted ability, as their name implies, is the ability to siphon blood from another individual.[6] A bloodsucker in the series also seem to have the ability of transformation into various forms. It's unknown whether or not the transformation is dependent on their age like Mosquito or if this is a unique trait exclusive to him. In addition, bloodsuckers are also able to have incredibly long lifespans, similar to that of a witch, and are regenerative.

In the anime. they can Meister abilities such as Soul Perception.[7]

List of BloodsuckersEdit


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