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Soul Eater

Blair (Anime - Episode 1) - (16)

Blair embracing Soul

Blair has a strange relationship with Soul above everyone else. She seems to enjoy teasing him constantly in order to get some kind of pleasure in seeing his and Maka's reaction. Blair has never been serious to Soul and remains as a constant distraction to him.[1] It's clear she's attracted to Soul, but she seems to act as if she was around him, and enjoys when he responds in a way that makes herself feel heavily attractive. She is overjoyed when Soul pretends to leave Maka for her and gets a bit angry when Maka holds him back from her. She more than likely sees Soul as a plaything that she likes to surround herself by, much like a bit more explicit version of Spirit Albarn's problem with women.

Maka Albarn

Soul Eater Episode 14 - Maka and Soul's living room

Blair delivers Spirit's gift to Maka

Blair has had a very strained relationship with Maka from the very beginning. Although somewhat indirect, Blair and Maka seem to have a small rivalry for Soul Eater Evans, Maka becoming instantly upset whenever she sees Blair teasing Soul. Although Maka usually takes her anger out on Soul rather than Blair, she does acknowledge that Blair is the source of the problem, and has once become so angry that she had whispered to herself that she would kill Blair. However, Blair seems to be oblivious to all of Maka's actual and open feelings about when she decides to tease Soul, and continues doing so as if she has no idea that Maka cannot stand it. Las dos Son Muy Hot para Seducirlas con sus pechos

Besides this usual rivalry, the two do share a considerably friendly relationship when Blair is not teasing Soul, and Blair has stated that she views Maka as a "darling girl".[citation needed] In addition, there is an instance of Blair sitting on Maka's lap, as a cat, while the Meister pets her.[2]

Spirit Albarn


Blair drinking with Spirit

They have been seen flirting with each other. Aside from that, Blair has been there as a shoulder for Spirit to cry on and a connection between him and Maka, but she fails sometimes while trying to make them bond. An example of this is when she was supposed get a book for Maka. However, she got a bikini instead for herself and gave it to Maka, which angered her.

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Taruho Firefly and Tabatha Butterfly

Blair seems to get on reasonably well with Risa and Arisa. The former does criticise Blair when she makes Spirit upset, however.[3]


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