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Blair (Anime - Episode 1) - (14)
Blair as she appears in Soul Eater.
Name Blair
Alias(es) Witch Lady (魔女レディ, Majo Redi)
Cat (猫, Neko)
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Female Sign
Type of Soul
Classification Magic Cat
Professional Data
Occupation(s) Waitress
Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 Shibusen
Place of Origin
Residence Death Vegas, Death City
Team/Group Spartoi
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s)
Real World Data
Manga Debut(s) Custom Soul Eater Logo2 Chapter 0.1
Anime Debut(s) Custom Soul Eater Logo2 Episode 1
Game Debut(s) Custom Soul Eater Logo2 Soul Eater: Monotone Princess

Blair (ブレア, Burea) is a magical cat monster, often mistaken for a witch due to her magical prowess. She is known for her lusty personality and sexual overtones. She occasionally fights on behalf of Shibusen while working at Chupa♡Cabra's.


Blair Cat Form

Blair's cat form.

In cat form, she is basically a black cat with large yellow eyes, ears with pale bushy tips and a long curly tail, but she wears a smaller version of her witch's hat and a collar with a round bauble that has three triangles etched into it to resemble a jack-o-lantern's face.

Mod article2188338 1

Blair's casual clothing.

In human form, she takes on the appearance of a young, tall woman with large breasts and an alluring figure. She has short violet hair with long strands on each side of her face that curl up and around to resemble her tail. The bauble she wears in her cat form can be seen below her neck. She has a set of purple catlike ears with pink tips instead of human ears, which are initially hidden by her hat. Her black witch's hat coils around at the end and retains her bright yellow cat eyes. She also has a curled up purple cat tail that resembles her cat form one. Her lips are curled like the shape of a "3" to represent those of a cat. She also has two little sharp fangs in her mouth in human form like cats.

She dresses in many types of revealing clothing such as tank tops and bikinis, but her signature witch outfit consists of a black-blue dress that shows off her shoulders and wraps around her neck, long, open sleeves that reveal her hands and shoulders, a short skirt with a white frill and long high-heeled boots that curl upwards at the toes.

Inside Eibon's book, in the first chapter of the book, Lust, her gender was changed as well alongside the other characters (although her cat form didn't look different in male form). Her seductive figure is carried on even to the opposite gender, and she appears as a highly attractive young man with a well-muscled build with black pants tight on the knees and matching shoes, an opened shirt showing her bare chest. Her witch hat remains but it is shorter, more like a top hat or a fedora but the top still has the curly tip. The bauble on her chest that resembles her cat collar has now turned into a necklace and she has also got a belt and a second, thin belt hanging down to her left.


Blair is very good at understanding other people and even showing kindness to others who are troubled. She is always looking for some fun, whether it is harmless or not. Playful and fun-loving, she is quite an affable person. She is well endowed, which is used when she flirts with Soul, usually by appearing out of her cat form in little to no clothing. Blair has no shame in exposing her naked body in the presence of males, exemplified by when she pulls down her towel in front of Soul and Maka's guests. This is most likely due to the fact that, in her cat form, she is always naked. Blair is even seen having bubble baths in bathtubs often which suggests that she enjoys taking baths. This is ironic because of the stereotype that cats dislike baths. However, she is always in human form when she bathes.

Magic and Abilities

Blair (Anime - Episode 1) - (32)

Blair using her hat to attack.

The theme of Blair's magic consists of Halloween-themed attacks and defenses, as reflected by her incantation, "Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin" or "Pum-pum-pum-pumpkin". In addition, she has the ability to transform into her cat form and human form at will and her hat, Zukun, can be manipulated into a hand on her command and used to grab onto enemies.[1] Even though Blair is just a cat with strong magic and not a true witch she has been shown to be strong enough to deal with the evil spirit The Flying Dutchman all by herself while in her cat form, as well as defeating five Mizune. Blair has demonstrated the ability to manipulate both of her sleeves at medium range as weapons and use telekinesis on inanimate objects. She was also capable of easily overwhelming both Maka and Soul (in his weapon form) at the start of the series.

Despite her looks, Blair is rather competent in a fight. She was able to best Maka and Soul on multiple occasions before being tricked and losing a life.[2][3]


  • Flying Pumpkins: Pumpkins that can also shoot down like missiles towards the ground, bombarding any opponents below.
  • Halloween Cannon: A pumpkin shaped cannonball with face-like carvings, is create and launched from one of her hands, resulting in an incredibly destructive blast.
  • Smashing Pumpkin: An attack that allows her to create a pumpkin shaped explosion on the ground below her.
  • Energy Kiss: Blair blows a kiss and releases a heart, in which can damage an opponent. This ability is present only in Soul Eater: Battle Resonance video game.[4]


Main Article: Blair's Relationships


"Soul Eater"

Blair (Anime - Episode 1) - (8)

Blair makes her debut while bathing.

Blair was introduced as a Witch in the first portion of the story. Maka and Soul attempted to capture her as their witch soul after capturing their 99th Evil Human soul. Soul first carelessly burst into Blair's house as she was taking a bath by jumping through the window and breaking it. Blair was sitting in her bathtub until Soul landed in her bust and got a nose bleed after seeing that she was naked. Then Maka burst in and hit Soul, ordering him to become a scythe after getting another nose bleed due to continuing to watch Blair. Blair seemed surprised and interested in Soul after he turned into a scythe. However, she promptly jumped out of her bathtub, dressed, and blasted both Maka and Soul out of her house with her Halloween Cannon. Maka and Soul spent the next three days attempting to capture her, and were easily blasted away by her each time until their fourth attempt.

Blair (Anime - Episode 1) - (27)

Blair vs. Maka and Soul.

On their second attempt, they were walking to Blair's house until they spotted her and hid in a tree. Blair then noticed them talking and hugged Soul saying "My little Scythie Boy!" which caused Soul to have another nose bleed. On their third attempt, Maka and Soul were walking to Blair´s house with a plan. they started arguing until Blair appeared behind them and, since they hadn't noticed her, she blasted both Maka and Soul away with another Halloween Cannon.

On their fourth attempt, Maka and Soul actually got into battle with Blair, as opposed to being easily blasted away. However they appeared to be having some difficulty in the battle. After Maka argued with Soul, Blair told Soul to be hers and forget about Maka and that she will never yell at him like Maka does. Maka told Blair that Soul is her partner -which angered Blair- and they engaged in battle again. Maka then jumped and attacked Blair with her weapon, but she disappeared-thus only cutting the pumpkin Blair was sitting on. Blair then reappeared and blasted Maka with a Smashing Pumpkin, which smashed into the ground. Maka stood up before Blair appeared once again, this time using her hat Zwan to grab Maka by the leg and to throw her into a building. As Maka crashed into the building, Blair appeared once more, sitting in a floating pumpkin with various others behind her. Shortly after Maka dodged many of Blair's attacks, she was blasted and nearly falls from a building, only hanging from Soul. Then Soul dropped Maka, telling her that he wanted to be Blair's partner, which made Blair believe that that's what he actually wanted.

After Soul "betrayed" Maka, he transformed into a Scythe and Maka used him to defeat Blair. Once Soul had eaten Blair's soul, Soul noted the absence of the surge of power, only after which Blair turned up in cat form and noted that she was not a witch, and they had only been assuming that. Maka then recalled what Shinigami said earlier and realized that eating Blair's cat-soul meant they had lost all the 99 previous human souls they had captured. Afterwards, Blair continued to follow Soul and Maka, beginning to live with Maka and Soul for no apparent reason other than to be closer to them. Maka and Soul, as well as their visitors, have quietly accepted her into their lives.

Remedial Lessons

Blair is see on top of Soul seductively as she wakes him up, which surprises him. She then smothers Soul with her breasts and offers to have fun with him. Maka then walks in, having prepared Soul breakfast. Blair then wishes Maka a good morning. Soul gets kicked out of the window immediately afterwards for being seduced by her.

Blair is later seen at Chupa♡Cabra's entertaining Spirit, having got the job for three days. She then asks Spirit if he's getting along with Maka. As Spirits informs her that she mostly ignores him, Blair mentions that the divorce between him and that his wife did finalize the process. She then claims that he should be happy at that. Spirit, however, continues to be negative. He states that his ex-wife isn't allowing him to pay any alimony or child support for Maka. Blair continues supporting Spirit, telling him that the role of a parent is beyond just providing money and that he should still do whatever he can for her. She then suggest that he should find another wife using his womanising skills, which he refuses to do. Risa then appears, telling Blair she shouldn't depress the guests.

Both Blair and Risa listen to Spirit as he discusses his time with his former meister, Stein. He revealed then that for five years Stein experimented on his body. The two women were surprised at the revelation and expressed they wondered how he didn't even notice.

Blair then brought up the fact that Stein and Spirit were partners, so their wavelengths must have matched. Spirit then replies that was because if Stein was curious about any weapon at all for any reason, he'll master it to some degree. He also stated that he was more powerful then his ex-wife and was a genius.

The Eve's Fight to the Death

Blair went to look for food after the DWMA anniversary celebration is interrupted by Free's spacial magic, complaining that she was refused access. She sees multiple Mizune pass by and realizes that they had attacked the fish seller that Blair apparently often visited. Angered by this, she attacked them. With the agility and speed of her cat form, she overwhelmed the five Mizune. However, even she eventually admits that fighting five-on-one is too much.

Blair vs Mizune

Blair confronts Mizune in their combined form.

The prolonged confrontation provokes the family into assembling their combined form (involving a total of five Mizune), transforming them into a single fully grown woman before commenting, "I wouldn’t get to cocky if I were you kitty, didn’t you know a cornered rat will bite the cat?" Reacting to this, Blair assumes her human form and the two provocative woman face off by groping each other's chest. The pair then attract attention from a large group of males.

The pair continue their perverted fondling contest, constantly trading insults between themselves, until Asura emerges from beneath the ground. This sight alone brings a conclusion to their fight and Mizune retreats to the outskirts of the city.


  • Blair's name is an allusion to The Blair Witch Project, a United States found-footage film about the attempt to locate a witch, similar to Maka and Soul's task in their first chapter.
  • Blair's self-ascribed nickname, "But-tan," is a shorter, cutesy abbreviation of "Blair-chan."[5]
  • Blair notes that when Maka and Soul defeated her, Soul only ate one of her souls (she says that she has nine in total in the anime). This is a reference the popular saying of cats having 'nine lives.' The number of souls Blair has left is unknown, but she has lost one to Maka and Soul. Arguably, she may have lost another one of her souls when facing the Flying Dutchman, as he traps her in a furnace and turns it on. Blair survives through unknown reasons, and when the Flying Dutchman asks her how she is still alive, Blair merely says, "Because I'm Bu-tan." This may mean that she had given up another one of her souls to survive.
  • Despite not being a witch, she recites an incantation before casting her spells much like them.
  • Blair was ranked 15th in the Official popularity poll and ranked 17th in the second.
  • Since Blair has magic powers, when Soul ate her soul it seemed that he begun the transformation to become a Death Scythe. Since Blair is really only a cat though, he didn't actually transform.


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