Execution Mode Charging
Black Needle Wavelength

'Kuro Hari Hachou'




Death the Kid (Execution Mode)

Anime Debut

Episode 6

The Black Needle Wavelength is a type of Soul Wavelength used by Death the Kid in Execution Mode.[1] This Soul Wavelength is exclusive to the Anime.


This Soul Wavelength enables Kid to use Death Cannon, a technique utilized in Execution Mode. It seems that as Patty and Liz are both the instruments used to channel this wavelength through, they can increase and decrease the power of Death Cannon by changing the "noise". For example, when Death Cannon was first used, the noise was stable at 0.3.[2] However, when used against Mosquito, Kid uses Death Cannon at a rate of 2.4.[3]

Carriers of the Black Needle WavelengthEdit


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