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Usher using Black Magic
Black Magic

'Kuro Mahō'



Manga Debut

Soul Eater GAIDEN 16

Black Magic (黒魔法, Kuro Mahō) is Magic involving the use of some sort of dark complexity in Magic. Like Necromancy, it is capable of resurrecting the dead, in this case as zombies.[1]


Not much is known about this magic. It is performed by reading a book, in which the user comically chants "Battalion! Battalion! Romero! Fulci! Hooper! Hooper! Romero! Fulci!". This revives nearby deceased individuals as well as pull nearby, living people besides the caster into the ground.[1]


  • These are some of the various comical abilities Usher possesses. After using it, Usher proclaimed the revived Rat to be a Zombie.


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