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The Black Blood Armor (黒血の鎧, Kurodji no yoroi) is the dress which Maka Albarn dons while wielding Soul Eater in his weapon form, the Demon Scythe, via Soul Resonance from Soul's Black Room. Through such methods, the dress actually functions as a form of armor.[1]



Maka was able to generate a more powerful form of the Grigori Dress after Soul's ascension to a Death Scythe, during their battle on the Moon against Asura. This new dress retains the forearm gloves yet is now strapless without any sheer material, featuring a more formal skirt with additional layers, dress shoes similar to ballet flats, and angelic wing-like pigtail decorations.[2]

With the new Black Blood Dress, Soul's Death Scythe form as well assumes a new appearance as a Dark Keyboard, gaining piano keys along his blade which Maka plays to weaponize her Soul Wavelength to fire at Asura in order to immobilize him long enough to slice with Witch-Hunt as well as give her the ability of flight. Soul's Death Scythe form also gains angelic wings similar to those of Maka's pigtails


The earlier appearance of the Grigori dress manifested during Soul and Maka's battle against the witch Arachne Gorgon. In this form, the dress is formed from the use of the Black Blood while the Demon Scythe is in its Demon-Hunt form. However, this dress lacks aspects of the Grigori aspects of the Black and White Grigori Dresses, most likely because neither Maka nor Soul was aware Maka possessed a Grigori Soul.[1][3]


Black Room's Dress connectionEdit

Soul Eater Episode 20 SD - Maka Albarn Black Blood Dress

Black Room's Dress in the anime.

The former appearance of the armor has very similar appearance upon Maka's first arrival into the Black Room[4] and after she killed Arachne, it would assume a new form after Soul becomes a Death Scythe and when they fought Asura on the Moon. This dress has a sheer top along her shoulders, neck, and hands as well as the crinoline under her skirt. Maka's dress armor uses much thicker material along her forearms and the rest of her dress. The back of the dress is tied into a ribbon. She wears heeled open-heel dress shoes. Although her hair had black ribbons to tie her pigtails in the Black Room, these ribbons are missing when Soul first manifests her dress physically. As the dress was made of Black Blood, when Soul first formed it physically around Maka's body, the bottom of the dress initially formed into more liquid tendrils.[1][5]



When Soul Eater was able to access the Spiderweb of Arachne after she empowered herself with Madness, he also was able to resist the madness of his own Black Blood to reform it around Maka as a dress. The dress acted as Maka's armor against Arachne's attacks while allowing her to increase the speed and strength of her attacks, all of which was instrumental in slicing through Arachne, killing the witch, destroying Arachnophobia, and procuring Soul the Witch soul he needed to become a Death Scythe. Soul remains in Demon-Hunt form throughout the event.[6]


The revised "Black Blood Armor" also allowed Maka to harmonize with the Black Blood within Asura, weakening him and allowing her to resonate with the Kishin himself so she may enter his body directly. When Maka and Soul entered Asura's body, her dress was replaced almost instantly with her usual DWMA uniform, without her vest and tie, therefore more closely resembling her attire when she first entered Crona's soul. Upon exiting Asura's body, the Kishin attempted to prevent her escape by holding her back with the power of his own Black Blood. As she moved closer to the exit, her outfit dissolved again and reformed into a different armor.[2]



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