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Black☆Star and Tsubaki's Apartment is the apartment in which both DWMA students Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa reside.[1]



The apartment has a strong Japanese theme, with tatami mats, shoji, and fusuma doors.[2]

The living room includes various training equipment for Black☆Star and a low chabudai table, with a small alcove with a jar of flowers before a scroll hung up on the wall with Japanese calligraphy, its kanji translated as "Sky above, sky below, I alone stand almighty," a phrase suitable to Black☆Star's effort to surpass god. Appropriately, another scroll in the living room has calligraphy reading "God."[2]

The apartment likely includes a kitchen or another location for cooking, as Tsubaki prepares meals as rewards for Black☆Star studying, and for social gatherings such as at Gallows Mansion.[2] The bathroom is made of wood, with a large bathtub and a bamboo fountain-like tap.[2] As Black☆Star tells Kilik, due to the lack of rooms in their apartment, he and Tsubaki share a bedroom.[3]


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