Special AbilitiesEdit

Chapter 107 - Black Star using Madness Takehold

Black☆Star activating Madness Takehold.

Madness Takehold (発狂, Hakkyou): Enabled after the encounter by the Great Old One of Power, Black☆Star has the ability to temporarily call upon his inner Madness though this is normally maintain this in a Resonance Chain from Maka Albarn and Soul Eater and is extremely risky to call upon on his own, a factor Black☆Star seems to be aware of. This ability, however, imbues him with a temporary boost of power for a short amount of time.[1] Although he is able to call upon it himself, he only enables it for short bursts.[2] While this enabled, he gains a darker outfit (if wearing his Spartoi outfit) and star eyes.[3][4]

  • Full Power: Madness Takehold allows Black☆Star to use his abilities to it's fullest extent with the usage of his Madness. Under this technique, he can easily lift up the Cyclops with a single arm.[5] When used against Asura, he displayed great skill in attacking him, with Asura cementing that his power "reminds" him of the Great Old One of Power (However, his attacks did not very much penetrate Asura due to being pulled into an illusion from his Madness of Fear).[6]
Episode 46 - Black Star attacks Mifune

Black☆Star attacks Mifune with Uncanny Sword against master samurai, Mifune.

Shadow Weapon Meister (暗器職人, Anki Shokunin; FUNimation "Assassin Meister"): Specializing in using Japanese weaponry, Black☆Star's overall prowess makes him an extremely powerful Meister. His skill combined with Tsubaki's assistance and/or forms has enabled him to taken on Mifune a number of times and won on two out of three of those instances, though Mifune held back on the first fight and utterly defeats him in the second.[7] Under the power of the Madness Takehold, he would also easily take down the Cyclops.[8] He would also manage to gain the upperhand with Crona after fighting with Tsubaki's various Weapon forms.[9] He also manage to take on both Eruka Frog, Crona, and 2 of the Mizune Family members in their Merged forms at the same time.[10]

Soul Wavelength (魂の波長, Tamashī no hachō): According to Death himself, Black☆Star possess a rather big Soul Wavelength and that he his brilliant when it comes to utilizing it offensively.[11]


Ultimate Move: Black☆Star Big Wave

  • Ultimate Move: Black☆Star Big Wave (必殺 黒☆星ビッグウェーブ, Hissatsu: Koku☆Sei Biggu Wēbu): A technique in which allows Black☆Star to use his Wavelength similar to Soul Menace. After getting behind an opponent, he jumps towards his intended target, pushing his palm and elbow into their back and then attacking his target with his Soul Wavelength.[12] This technique was powerful enough to deal a critical blow to the more experience Mifune.[12] However, those who possess a flexible soul can counter this move by aligning their Wavelength to Black☆Star's own (similar to that of a weapon and Meister).[11] If this technique is executed while Black☆Star is injured greatly, the attack is rendered nulled due to himself not being able to withstand his own Wavelength.[13]
Episode 35 - Black Star uses Soul Menace on Mosquito

Soul Menace.

  • Soul Menace (魂威, Kon'i): An attack in which allows the user to strike their opponent by channeling their own Soul Wavelength without the usage of a weapon, resulting in an electrical-like attack emitted. Black☆Star is a skilled user of this attack. Although much of it's proficiency against a target hasn't been seen, it's been claimed by Franken Stein during their later spar that he couldn't fully counteract at had he hit him[14] and was able to crack one of the walls in the DWMA.[15]
  • World Destruction Cannon (惑星破壊砲, Wakusei Hakaihō): An upgraded Soul Menace attack in which it's output power is greater. The full effect of it has not been seen, as the intended target (Mifune) had managed to dodge the attack.[16]

Flight (フライト, Furaito): Having been on the Moon and finding that it is useful to fight in mid-air in a "Battle of Gods" as well as being considered a Warrior God, Black☆Star had trained and learn how to levitate off the ground on his own, but could only manage to float a few inches from the ground.[17]

Episode 37 - Death the Kid and Black Star fight animated

Kid and Black Star fight.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Black☆Star is extremely skilled in unarmed hand-to-hand combat. He was capable of holding his own against Death the Kid while being unable to use Soul Menace in a duel, although he was ultimately defeated. As he starts to become a Warrior God, his skill grew greatly. In a spar with Franken Stein, he managed to compete against him.[18] His unarmed skills is on par with that of Feodor, who is a Death Weapon Meister, by the time he was in Spartoi.[19] while his armed martial skills has let him fight Mifune on an even playing field after using Tsubaki to act as a normal katana and managed to barely defeat the samurai.[citation needed] While under the influence of his own Madness by the Great Old One of Power, he was skilled enough to stalemate against Death the Kid using his own Madness Takehold.[20] In addition, he also was able to easily outclass Crona with his unarmed abilities with ease, surprising even Medusa Gorgon.[21]

  • Martial Arts: Black☆Star is an impressive martial artist, with it being what Black☆Star specializes in according to Maka Albarn[22] and is considered a "true child of the martial way" by Sid Barrett as well as pointing out his ability to shift through styles without actually thinking about it.[23]
  • Art of Assassination (暗殺のアート, Ansatsu no āto): Taught by Sid in this aspect, this martial art allows Black☆Star to know some of the weakpoints of the body as well as rules within this martial art on assassination. His skill has impressed even the likes of Death [24]
  • Waki-gamae (脇構): Black☆Star showed armed martial skill in switching this style to counter Mifune.[23]

Enhanced Strength: Black☆Star possesses incredible physical strength; he is strong enough to break through the Black Blood on Crona with his bare hands, a feat that surprised even Medusa Gorgon herself[25] and lift up one of the Moon's teeth to save Maka[26] as well as dodge Crona's Thorns[27] and other attacks with ease.[9]

Episode 45 - Black Star moving at fast speeds

Black☆Star moving at fast speeds.

Enhanced Speed: Black☆Star is an extremely fast individual, moving at blinding speeds and even triggered every single Arachnophobia trap as well as track down their headquarters' location in a manner of seconds.[28] He's noted to officially be the fastest student at Death Weapon Meister Academy.[29]

Enhanced Durability: Black☆Star is extremely durability, having taking attacks from the likes of Mifune[citation needed], taken punishment from Death the Kid's Death God Taijutsu: "Mad Crime" Stance while the latter was under the influence of his own Madness,[30] and suffered from tolls of physical punishment from Asura, even being forced to consume Vajra's laser and still survived and kept fighting despite his own injuries such as a broken arm and unaligned spine.[31]


Black☆Star (Anime - Episode 10) - (77)

Black☆Star occasionally can be careless.

Initially, Black☆Star's own arrogance and tendencies to show off made him an ineffective warrior and a inadept assassin that couldn't follow the rules within the Art of Assassination, with Mifune criticizing his skill and once stated that Black☆Star's ability was only saved by the competence of Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, his weapon.[12] After this revelation, he would proceed to fight with is own skills though could occasionally screw up, such as slipping in the rain after not taking into account of the weather's effect on his Speed☆Star.[32] In addition, despite all his amount of skill, it is known that Tsubaki is the one who often advises him on the situation due to her intelligence, which is something that isn't Black☆Star's forte.

Stein hits Black Star during spar

Alone, Black☆Star is still undone by Stein.

In addition, though he's competent in an unarmed fight, his level of competence and power is diminished in comparison to him holding a Demon Weapon like the Demon Shadow Weapon, as seen when Crona was able to get the upper hand over Black☆Star during their altercation on the Moon.[33] In short, although incredibly powerful with Tsubaki on hand to the point during his battles he's been called a Warrior God and being on par wth Death the Kid post the connection of the third Line of Sanzu and possessing amazing physical capabilities, he's not as strong without a Demon Weapon on hand. On his own at the max without any assistance, he's been seen only to fight close/on par with Franken Stein, with the Professor seemingly a bit more skilled[34]

Episode 28 - Mifune defeats Black Star.

Mifune defeats Black Star.

Black☆Star has also met his match throughout the series, having been defeated by Mifune[35] and having not been able to put down Mosquito along with his group and such a shake-up in his confidence can take a toll on his Wavelength, making him unable to use his own Wavelength attacks should he ever start doubting himself. He also faced issues with the knowledge of opponents being stronger and better then him[36] After his final meeting and battle with Mifune along with Sanjuro Nakatsukasa's influence, he ultimately chooses to follow the Path of the Warrior and tones down his arrogance.

Chapter 111- Asura pins Kid Maka and Black Star

Asura pins all 3 DWMA students.

Even with Tsubaki on hand, Black☆Star seemingly even knows his own limits of power, having openly expressed that without Maka Albarn to help him out, he couldn't have taken on Asura himself, an individual who is a Death God and Kishin, thus a true god despite him even momentarily using the Madness Takehold ability.[37] During Asura's fight with the group, in which Black☆Star had time to fight him on his own, though impressive, it was known that Black☆Star could only fight Asura when Soul Eater utilizes his piano to assist Black☆Star as well as the entire group.


Partnered with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Demon Shadow Weapon (魔暗器, Maanki): When partnered with Tsubaki, Black☆Star is able to take advantage of the multitude of transformations his partner has due to her Multi-Form Ability. All weapons she's capable of transforming to are Japanese-related weaponry.[12]

  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Shuriken (椿のモード変化 「手裏剣, Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Shuriken"): This transformation enables Black☆Starn to utilize a giant shuriken as a throwing weapon.[12]
  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Chain Scythe (椿のモード変化 [鎖鎌], Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Kusarigrama"): One of Tsubaki's basic forms that allows her to transform into a chain scythe. Black☆Star can both use the form's blade as well as take advantage of it's length and chain by throwing it for a variety of uses. The chain that makes up the transformation is also much stronger than ordinary Chain Scythe, capable of stopping Mifune's katanas.[12]
Episode 4 - Trap Star in effect


  • Trap☆Star (罠☆星, Wana☆Hoshi): A technique in which coils a surrounding area into a five-point star slightly above the ground. While this technique is in use, the chains can sense the Soul Wavelength of opponents within the area. At his command, he can then use the chains to surprise his opponents and capture them within his technique. However, the technique itself is indiscriminate when utilized, capable of trapping not only his opponents but his allies should they be in the way.[24]
  • Shield☆Star (楯☆星(シールド スター), Shīrudo☆Sutā): A defensive technique that creates a pentagram-shaped shield in the shape of a star to defend the assassin from taking damage against an opponent. The shield was strong enough to defend him against Masamune's Uncanny Sword weapon form.[32]
  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Smoke Bomb (椿のモード変化「煙玉」, Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Kemuridama"): One of Tsubaki's basic forms that allows her to transform into a smoke bomb pellet. Black☆Star is able to use this transformation to escape from his opponent's sight and set-up for a surprise attack.[12]
  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Ninja Sword (椿のモード変化 [忍者刀], Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō: Ninjatō) }: A transformation that allows Tsubaki to transform into a small blade. This form is best suited for his usage with speed against an opponent.[32]
Episode 10 - Speed Star

Speed☆Star is used.

  • Speed☆Star (速☆星(スピード スター), Supīdo☆Sutā): A technique that allows the assassin's natural speed movements combine with the lightness and size of the blade to move at incredible speeds to dodge enemy attacks and allow rapid movements to be used in combat. However, this technique requires good footing. Therefore, using this technique on a rainy day causes him to be able to slip and fall. Due to his ineptitude, Tsubaki usually is the one to remind him of the times to use this technique. [32]
  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Uncanny Sword (椿のモード変化「妖刀」, Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Yōtō"): The Uncanny Sword is a famed weapon transformation within the Special Weapons Clan, the Nakatsukasa Clan. Tsbaki herself gain this transformation after consuming her brother's soul. When used by Black☆Star, he could only maintain the transformation for a few seconds at the expense of wearing down his own soul.[38] After gaining the acceptance of the Will of Nakatsukasa to following the Path of the Warrior, he could use the transformation indefinitely with no ill effect.
Episode 47 - Black Star calls upon the full power of the Uncanny Sword (Tsubkaki)

Black Star calling upon the full power of the Uncanny Sword mode in the anime.

  • Full Power Form:In the anime, through proving himself with the Will of Nakatsukasa by creating a path unlike the Path of the Warrior and Path of the Demon, Black☆Star was able to call upon the full power of the Uncanny Sword, in which results a change to the weapon in which the blade becomes stark red and grows much longer. In this form he was able to fatally wound Mifune in one hit, rendering him unable to continue the fight.[39]
  • Conan the Great (コナン・ザ・グレート, Konan za Gurēto): With Tsubaki in her Uncanny Sword mode, Black☆Star quick, one handed slash attack. How powerful the slash is unknown, as Hero (the intended target) manage to dodge the attack.[40]
Episode 28 - Mifune blocks and escapes Shadow Star

Black Star uses Shadow Star against Mifune.

  • Shadow☆Star Form (影☆星の[型], Kage☆Boshi no Kata): This Soul Resonance allows Tsubaki to control Black☆Star's shadow offensively in her Uncanny Sword mode during combat for gripping and trapping, seen able to even stop spells in the process in the making such as Free's Ice Attribute Magic spell, Ice Spindle.[41] However, he was originally only able to maintain the Soul Resonance for only a few seconds, in which was revealed to slowly kill him.[42] After gaining the approval of the Will of Nakatsukasa and following the Path of the Warrior, he gained the ability to use the ability for far longer durations without the determinal effects.[43]
  • Pull and Slash (寄せ斬り, Yosegiri; FUNimation "Checkmate Slash"): Capturing a target with the usage of the Shadow☆Star, the target is pulled towards the Uncanny Sword before being sliced through. This technique was used while being conducted under Soul's Piano and was capable of breaking through Mosquito's Muscle Curtain.[44]
Chapter 105 - Black Star using Chain of Blackness

Black☆Star using "Chain of Blackness" to deflect Crona's attack.

  • Shadow☆Star First Form: "Chain of Blackness" (影☆星・壱ノ型[鏈黒], Kage☆Boshi Ichi no Kata: "Rengoku"): An enhanced form of Tsubaki's Chain Scythe form achieved after unlocking the full power of the Uncanny Sword. The Soul Resonance draws Black☆Star's shadow towards the blade, and transmutes the sword into a long black sharp sickle-blade and long black chain, composed completely out of Black☆Star's shadow. The blade on the Chain of Blackness is long enough to be wielded as a sword, due to its original form as a chain scythe, Black☆Star is capable of throwing it towards the opponent in the form of a long-range attack. Since the chain originates from his shadow, Black☆Star can still control the trajectory of the blade, even if its thrown a great distance away. There is always a part the chain that encircles Black☆Star wherever he is, giving him protection from assaults from all sides.[45] It's best asset is it's power according to Black☆Star.[46]
Shadow☆Star Second Form - Leaf of the Moonlit Night Punch

Lead of the Moonlit Night punch.

  • Shadow☆Star Second Form: "Leaf of the Moonlit Night" (影☆星・弐ノ型[月夜葉], Kage☆Boshi Ni no Kata: Tsukiyoha): Whilst using Shadow☆Star and in Resonance with Black☆Star, Tsubaki transmutes into a large four-pointed shuriken, constructed from four black (and vaguely leaf-like) blades with ornate white patterns on them extending outwards from a wide circular ring acting as the weapons centre. It can be be thrown with considerable force at a target, using the high speed of the rotations and sharp blades to easily slice through the majority of objects. With the usage of the Shuriken's center, he can also send a powerful punch to his opponents covered in the shadows in which is usually accompanied with his Shadow☆Star-related attacks.[47]
Chapter 50 - Black Star uses Severed Shadow on Mifune

Severed Shadow.

  • Shadow☆Star Third Form: "Severed Shadow" (影☆星・参ノ型[絶影], Kage☆Boshi: San no Kata "Zetsuei"): An enhanced form of Tsubaki's Ninja Sword form after combining it with the power of the Uncanny Sword, allowing her to take the form of a large black kunai-style dagger with white ornate patterns and a long strap of cloth tied to it. This also allows Black☆Star to create "Severed Shadows", specialized afterimages in which retain traces real matter even after disappearing. Under this, he's technically no longer a singular entity during it's duration. However, an individual with keen reflexes can counter this move by keeping track of the severed shadows, in which don't break off and move independently. By tracing the pattern, one could find the actual Black☆Star.[48] While capable of this in the anime, he uses this technique while in the Mode: Uncanny Sword.[49]
Soul Eater Chapter 50 - Two Black Stars appear

Branched Darkness

  • Shadow☆Star Fourth Form: "Branched Darkness" (影☆星・肆ノ型[枝闇], Kage☆Boshi: Yon no Kata "Edayami"): A further application of the Demon Shadow Weapon Tsubaki Mode: Dummy☆Star , Tsubaki resonates with Black☆Star and transforms into him, this time even gaining his Wavelength and some of his strength. Due to her own skill, she can almost perfect impersonate Black☆Star. However, she remarked that while it's very well proficient enough to peform a sneak attack to the likes of even a Strong Soul such as Mifune, it's not powerful enough to enable a actual one-on-one confrontation.[50]
  • Shadow☆Star Zeroth Form: "Masamune" (影☆星・零ノ型「正宗」, Kage☆Boshi: Zero no Kata "Masamune"):With this Soul Resonance, the Uncanny Sword assumes the form of a lighter blade in color with the shadow. This also extracts Black☆Star's shadow from himself, wrapping around his neck and transforming into two long scarves of shadow matter. The scarf of shadow matter around Black☆Star's neck has a diverse range of uses. It is solid so it can block attacks and even be used to cut through flesh. It also acts like an extra limb, allowing Black☆Star to pull of impossible maneuvers without losing balance, as well as catapulting him away from danger.[51]
Chapter 107 - Black Star hits Asura with Infinity


  • Shadow☆Star Zeroth Form: "Masamune" Initiation Technique - Infinity (黒星☆零ノ型「正宗」伝授技 無限, Kage☆Boshi: Zero no Kata "Masamune" Denjuwaza Mugen): With the usage of the Masamune transformation while under the effects of Madness Takehold, Black☆Star is enabled to create a variety of darkly-colored swords in which he can create. These swords are powerful enough to pierce even the Cyclops.[52]
  • Unnamed Zeroth Form Technique: Using Tsubaki Nakatsukasa's Uncanny Sword mode, he charges his own shadows with incredible power. When done, he then leaps towards his opponent and strikes the opponent. As a result, a monstrous entity emerges from the shadow-like smoke and swords and causes devatsting damage, though the true capability is unknown since Asura emerged unfazed.[53]


  • Black☆Star has once "caught" and "grabbed" a laser beam from Moonlight with his bare hand and threw it back. The only explanation given when Maka Albarn questions him of actually being human and under how that it is possible is that he's a "super star beyond any human understanding".[54]


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