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"Between meisters and weapons, It's always give-and-take. So why should it be any different between friends, right? Friends should never care about who's been carrying who for how long, or who needs to be carried. 'Cos when it comes to friendship, that's one place where "Symmetry" doesn't mean a thing!"

— Black Star (Chapter 79, Yen Press)

Black Star Manga Render Black☆Star as he appears in Soul Eater.
Name Black☆Star
Alias(es) Mr. God of Combat
Romanji Burakku☆Sutā
Katakana ブラック☆スター
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - MaleMale
Age 13 (NOT!)
Race/Species Human Soul Human
Type of Soul
Classification Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Meister2 Meister
Status Alive
Professional Data
Occupation(s) Student
Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 Shibusen
Place of Origin
Residence Death City
Team/Group Spartoi
Weapon Partner(s) Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Meister Partner(s)
Clan Star Clan Insignia Star Clan
Relation(s) White☆Star (Father)
Black☆Star's Mother (Mother)
Real World Data
Manga Debut(s) Soul Eater Icon :Chapter 0.2

Soul Eater Not! Icon :Chapter 1 (NOT!)

Anime Debut(s) Soul Eater Icon :Episode 2

Soul Eater Not! Icon :Episode 1 (NOT!)

Game Debut(s)

Black☆Star (ブラック☆スター, Burakku☆Sutā) is one of the main Meisters that the series follows. Black☆Star is one of the survivors of the infamous Star Clan. His Demon Weapon partner is Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. He is a Shadow Weapon Meister (暗器職人 Anki Shokunin in Japanese) which is translated into Dark Arm Meister in the English dub.


Black☆Star comes from a long line of assassins known as the Star Clan (星族 Hoshizoku). The clan was known as a group of assassins who did anything for money. They victimized people in many areas, killing many innocent people, which made them infamous in various places. Due to their actions, the entire clan was exterminated by Shinigami thirteen years prior to the series. Black☆Star, who was still an infant at the time, was taken in by Shibusen, where he was raised by Sid Barett. Black☆Star bears no malice over the loss of his clan, because he understands that his parents led a wretched life and eventually paid the price for it.


Black Star's Soul

Black☆Star's soul, under the influence of Tsubaki's Uncanny Sword mode.

At the beginning of the series, Black☆Star starts off as rather arrogant, loud immature and egotistic. Although he fights as an assassin, he prefers to forget the Way of Assassination by shouting and making his presence known, the reason being that he is a massive attention-seeker. He cannot stand having someone else get more attention than himself, and will proceed to beat down anyone more popular than him so he can be popular again. His loudness is often shown in his tendency to often shout when he speaks and his trademark cries of 'Ha Ha!' (ひゃっはあ! Hyahhaa! in Japanese).

His arrogance stems from the fact that he seems to exhibit a superiority complex. His delusion of 'starness' as he calls it (スター性 Sutaa Sei) is so great that he constantly gives out autographs that nobody wants, including when he signs Maka's forehead when she is recovering from a recent battle. According to Stein, Black☆Star's soul is 'a terribly self-absorbed soul.' His catchphrase is 'I will be the man who will surpass God,' which he is actually trying to do, according to Stein. Because of this, he shows tacit jealousy towards Death the Kid, who is revered as an actual god. When referring to himself, Black☆Star uses an honorific (俺様 Ore-sama, literally translating to 'the great me') which shows he holds himself with high regard. He constantly refers to himself as 'BIG' and the other people around him as 'small.'

His arrogance later develops into a constant hunger for power, up until the point that people suspect that he may choose the 'Path of the Demon.' His arrogance can also hinder him as he is short-tempered and uncooperative when it comes to team battles, as he always tries to take the lead when the most important thing is to cooperate with each other. He accuses the people around him for being sloppy instead of admitting that he is the one getting frustrated. His confidence stems from him being used to winning all the time, so consequently, losing prominent battles causes a great negative change in him, up until the point he loses his ability to use Soul Menace. His hubris does not allow him to take any insults on his abilities, such as when he disregards Nygus when she tells him that he is only human.

He can be unobservant, and has a short attention span, as he is shown not to remember their battle plans on the Lost Island mission. He hates being told what to do and thus mostly disobeys the Shibusen rules, often skipping classes and arriving late because of picking fights with people. He likes fighting as he sees it as a chance of proving every one that he is the best.

Another thing is that he is incredibly tactless, and can sometimes be disrespectful, even insulting to his friends and even his superiors. He often has an informal way of speech and behavior, even towards people of a higher rank than him. He loves playing practical jokes and winding people up for the fun of it. He is also a big glutton, having a massive appetite. He seems to like manga, and is a fan of the fictional manga hero, Charisma Justice.

All of his methods of going about solving anything are generally headstrong and dependent on physical strength. From time to time, he will abandon Tsubaki if she tells him to hold back or run away, which ends him up in a worse situation. This might come from people mostly seeing him as a member of the Star Clan and judging him for their actions rather than his own. However, he does not hold grudges against Shibusen, the organization that had killed the Star Clan, saying that his father and mother had paid for their crimes, which shows a surprisingly mature side to Black☆Star's personality. He does not like to dwell on the past, and is therefore, quick to forgive people. He tries to forget his heritage, but deep down, he is shown to be insecure about it.

Despite his rather large ego, there are more positive sides to his personality. Although it is hard to tell through his arrogance, he does genuinely care for his friends. He always arrives to his friends' aid if they are in danger, seeing himself as a protector of the people whom he classes as weaker than himself. It is shown in team battles, that he views the safety of his friends as a priority. However, he will also take his friends' wishes into account, and will step back and allow them to fight alone if they want to. He also has a determination that knows no bounds. He constantly trains to become stronger, and is dedicated on his goals, putting all of his effort in everything he does (this has its downsides, especially when Black☆Star develops tunnel-vision on pursuing something that is wrong, being too stubborn to see the wrongness of his aims). He prefers to go his own way, which sometimes involves going against orders. Despite his determination, he always fails at tests of intellect regardless of the effort he spends in studying. He never forgives the people who hurts his friends (though Crona seems to be an exception), setting off immediately to get revenge in order to defend or restore respect to his friends. This combined with his recklessness and single-minded focus tends to results in him charging into dangerous situations.


Black☆Star with his usual grin on his face.

He also has a very positive and upbeat temperament (although he has his short-tempered and cheeky side) often laughing and smiling even in the glummest of situations. His cheerful demeanor can sometimes act as a support to others when they are down. At times, Black☆Star seems to be aware of this and outwardly hide any negative emotions. One example can be seen when Maka is in the infirmary after fighting with Arachne and the golem. Black☆Star appears cheerful and amused by Maka's helplessness, even drawing and autographing her face. But when he eavesdrops on Nygus and Sid, he blows a hole in the wall just around the corner, revealing to viewers that he isn't as lighthearted as he had appeared to be. He is also very honorable, not wanting to take any credit that he does not deserve (an example of this is in chapter 2 when he turns down the souls of Al Capone's gang because he did not defeat them himself). Tsubaki also mentions that although he tries to hide it, Black☆Star would never want to stand out for doing something bad. He detests the idea of betrayal or deception, up until the point he is angered when he realizes that the fact that he had killed Mifune is kept a secret from Angela. He also keeps on plowing forward through adversity, whilst others may decide to run away, showing his bravery, although his bravery may sometimes border on recklessness.

Mifune and Death the Kid are prominent figures in Black☆Star's life, and they help him mature profoundly. Frustrated in his inability to defeat either of them, they both help him recognize the wrongs about the way he is approaching fighting. Mifune discusses whether he will choose to master the way of the warrior or the way of the demon, and Black☆Star realizes the immoralities and wrongs he is doing in many of his actions, realizing he has been unknowingly following the path of the demon for an extremely long time. From that point, he changes to following closer to the path of the warrior and becomes much kinder and generous to others.

However, he is still slightly immature. He can still be a little too informal and to people, and sometimes exhibits his usual headstrong and proud ways, but it does not go over a manageable level. His childish sense of humor still sometimes embarrasses people, especially Tsubaki.

In the anime, however, Black☆Star states he will follow neither the path of the warrior or of the demon, but follow his own path. He remains arrogant and prideful, arrogantly claiming he will be the one to defeat Asura and that he won't need anyone else's help. However, he is still shown to be more caring towards others, as he does afterwards rescue Mifune, and vows to protect Maka as she tries to rescue Soul from Little Ogre's influence.

In the Last Chapter of the Book of Eibon, Black☆Star switches gender, and his personality becomes more feminine. He becomes a rather clingy and attention-seeking young girl. He changes back to his male form rather quickly, showing that he is not that lustful, despite his attempts to sneak into the bathroom to peek on a naked Tsubaki (Which consequently causes him to start screaming at the sight of Tsubaki, which gives him away).


Main Article: Black☆Star/Relationships

Although many people ignore him because of his annoying attitude and pride, people who are close to Black☆Star see him as a good reliable friend, albeit a little annoying at times.


Black Star Anime Render

Black Star in the anime

Black☆Star is a young boy of Japanese descent. [1] He has bright blue spiky hair, with the spikes sticking in out in the manner of a star-shape. He is rather short, not that much taller than Maka, but has a well-muscled build due to constant training. His eyes are green and when under the effects of madness, his eyes adopt star shaped pupils, which is seemingly a distinct trait of those belonging to the Clan of the Star. His main outfit is a sleeveless black shirt with a funnel-like collar, with white trousers that are black from the knee down and just a little short of being full length jeans. On the front of his collar, two short strips of grey material adorned with rivets stretch down fro, the top of the collar to the breast of his shirt. Black☆Star has similar strips wrapped around his neck in the form of a scarf, and around his waist in the form of a belt. Rivets can also be seen on his pockets and on the ends of his trousers. On his hand, he wears gray fingerless gloves with heavy wrist weights and has a band going across the back of each hand, adorned with a star. Black☆Star's footwear are basic black boots with white tips, with a star shape visible on the toe of each boot. On his right shoulder is his star-shaped tattoo, showing his heritage as a member of the Star Clan which is just a shade lighter than his normal skin tone. In earlier concept art, this tattoo had a more complex design with black markings and a symbol in the center.

Black ☆ Star's soul

Black☆Star's soul.

As of joining Spartoi, Black☆Star now wears blue pants with the hemline rolled a few inches above his ankles, with white shoes and a white belt that is similar to an obi. His feet are wrapped in bandages up to his ankles and his hands and arms are also wrapped in bandages up to the elbow. As per his previous attire, Black☆Star wears a sleeveless top. In this case, it is a custom, white, muscle shirt. Another new addition is a long white scarf, wrapped around his neck with the majority hanged loosely. He also has a fairly noticeable scar running across his tattoo on his right deltoids, numerous smaller scars scattered across his arms, and a faint scar-line running down his right eye—all of which were caused by Mifune during their last match. The spikes in his hair are a lot messier and not as star-shaped. Black☆Star has also grown in height, almost equaling his partner, Tsubaki.

His soul is bright blue, and has numerous spikes coming out of it in the manner of his hairstyle. When Resonating with Tsubaki, various black tattoos appear around it.

In the Chapter of Lust in Eibon's Book, he is transformed into a girl. His attire is still the same, apart from the fact that his trousers turn from blue to white. His hair becomes slightly shorter and no longer spiky, taking on a more feminine look. He is also well-endowed.



Black☆Star's signature in blood.

  • In his autograph, Black☆Star writes his name in all caps and uses the A in Black to draw the top point of a star he draws, instead of writing the actual word, STAR. He also has a line coming out in between the bottom left points of the star to make the lower part of the R in STAR.
  • Yumiko Kobayashi, the seiyū (voice actor) for Black☆Star, is the only seiyū to be in both the Drama CD and the Anime.
  • His theme song is 'Never Lose Myself.' His character song with Tsubaki is 'My Star.' The alternate version to his theme song is 'Lost Myself.'
  • In the first Official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Black☆Star ranked 2nd most popular character. In the second poll, Black☆Star ranked 4th most popular character, now behind Maka and Soul.[2]
  • Some aspects of Black☆Star's character can be based on the character of Shotaro in B. Ichi. Their personalities are similar in some aspects and both are fans of Charisma Justice.
  • In Volume 18 of the Soul Eater manga (which contained the Spartoi's adventures through the Book of Eibon), Atsushi Ōkubo created a horse-racing style table of the Soul Eater characters who have had their genders switched, and made a race as to who is the most lustful out of them all in a 'Lust Race.' Black☆Star was given a racehorse name, but it was the same as his real name. His popularity level was 62, and he had a low chance of being the most lustful, although not as low as Maka.


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