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Azusa Yumi
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Azusa Yumi(Manga)

Azusa Yumi
Queen of Committee Chairman

Episode 25

Appears In

Soul Eater

Professional Status

Weapon Death Scythe Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Demon Weapon2


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Current Occupation

Commander of Oceana Division



Personal Status

FemaleSoul Eater Wiki - Venus Symbol




Alive (Manga & Anime)



Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Blue


Death (Meister,Boss) Sid(Meister, Partner)


Genius-Level Intellect, Demon Weapon Transformation, Long Distance Resonance.



List of Appearances

Azusa Yumi (弓梓, Yumi Azusa) is the Death scythe primarily in charge of Death Weapon Meister Academy's East Asia division and, as of the revival of Kishin Asura, is also in charge of the Shibusen's Oceana division in Death Scythe Marie Mjolnir's place. Azusa is known by her nick name "Queen of Committee Chairman" by former Shibusen classmates, who had defined her as annoying and bossy during their attendance at the Academy.


Back when Azusa and the other death scythes were students Azusa was the student council president. She often scolded Spirit and Stein, Spirit for his endless flirting and Stein for his urge to dissect everything. She was said to have been a small, yet talkative child.


Azusa appears to be both bookish and analytical in her mannerisms but always very respectful towards everyone. She still treats the others that attended Shibusen with her as little kids like a teacher would (clapping to get their attention and telling them to line up and walk in a single file line), much to the embarrassment of the others. Spirit describes her as always being a "bossy little brat", much to Stein's agreement.

On rare occasions she often shows a warmer side to her, from trying to prevent Marie from making a stupid decision to trying to console Kid on his faith towards the Witches.


Physically, Azusa appears to be of Japanese descent. She is of average height, slightly shorter than Justin Law while wearing her usual high-heeled boots, and has small, dark blue eyes. She also wears her neatly combed black hair in a unique hairstyle that starts short in the back and slopes into longer strands towards the front.

Azusa wears rather formal attire, featuring a black jumper that is worn over a long collared, long-sleeve shirt. This shirt is a plain white color with some kind of Asian style patterns on it that are mostly visible on the shirt's collar and untucked ends. Azusa finally wears a pair of black, wide-sleeve pants and brick red high heel boots. She also wears a pair of simple framed glasses.


To her peers, such as Dr.Stein and Spirit, she was said to be bratty. She was one of the people to chastise Stein for his tendencies to dissect people. However, Liz once said to many gun demon weapons, she's seen as an idol due to her status as a Deathscythe and being a Gun Bow.

Marie Mjolnir
They seem to be good friends, with a very typical serious-clueless relationship between the pair, often resulting in Azusa having to keep Marie in check, especially when it comes to the topics of love and relationships.
Dr. Stein
Azusa used to assist in stopping Stein's urge to dissect everything.
She was the person that scolded Spirit for his endless flirting back when they were young, and it appears very little has changed to this present day.
Sid Barett
She occasionally acts as Sid's partner during assignments along with Mira Nygus, where she consistently proves to be a valuable asset, in providing both tactical and long range support.
Death the Kid
It is shown that Azusa also cares for him in episode 49 where she tries to stop him from going inside the barrier created by the Kishin. Similarly, in the manga, she shows concern when Kid asks the Witches for help against the Kishin and questions If they can be trusted, showing concern for Kid's safety. When Kid assured her things will be fine, she compared his stubbornness to that of his father.
Like many of Shubisen's staff, Azusa treats Death with immense respect. Quite possible the most out of any Death scythes, as she acts the most professional.
However, despite that, she has seen to be not to be afraid to call him out nor show any discomfort in his actions. This side of her, however, scares even Death himself (Often for comic relief)

Powers & Abilities

Genius-Level Intellect

Azusa is suggested to have a genius level I.Q., being an extremely competent information gatherer and tactician too, easily able to locate one of Arachnophobia's labs. 

Long Distance Soul Resonance

Azusa is also the only person able to use Soul Resonance at a very long distance through a radio or a telephone. This ability is indispensable to use Senrigan with Azusa undercover in her headquarters and the person with whom she resonates on the scene.

Demon Weapon Transformation

Main Article: Azusa Yumi(Weapon Form)


Soul Resonance

Soul Eater NOT!

Soul Eater

Daily Life

After the Kishin was revived, Azusa and the other death scythes were called back to Shibusen. Before meeting with Shinigami, Azusa accidentally gives Marie the idea of marrying a toilet but successfully talks her out of it using clever word play.

During the subsequent meeting, Azusa is tasked with using her grand vision to search for the recently escaped Asura and to take over the responsibilities of the Oceania branch from Marie.

Internal Investigation

As part of Joe Buttataki's role in locating a suspected traitor within Shibusen, after the mysterious circumstances that led to the previous operations failure, Azusa is interviewed by him regarding this issue. During this process, Azusa provides highly accurate information pertaining to her mission in searching for Asura and Justin Law's involvement. The questioning progress goes well and relatively quickly; that is until she mentions Marie and the support she is currently providing for Stein, which immediately results in Joe losing his composure, bringing a sudden end to the interview.

Tying Things Up, and New Beginnings

By this point Azusa had now returned to Shibusen's East Asian Branch, revealing that in her absence she had been investigating the whereabouts of Justin Law, as well as some suspicious details of his background brought to light by Joe Buttataki's previous report. During the course of these investigations, she determined that Justin did not have an alibi for the time of Joe's death.

The Witch's Research

She is seen supervising Spartoi's first mission, providing assistance with her Senringan, using it to accurately transcribe everything Kirikou observed within Medusa's concealed and abandoned laboratory in Central Africa. Since all the documents she copied where written in Witch Text, she subsequently linked her vision to Kim's, which thanks to her witch's heritage is capable of reading such writing. Kim proceeds to inform Azusa that the research notes discuss the development of magic that is able to manipulate Madness.

Not much later she hears one of the group saying, "Kirikou they're penetrating the wall change position", through the artifact "Incom". Kirikou manages to reveal that they are now under assault from the town's villagers but another attack prevents any further communication. After continued barrage makes escape impossible, Azusa manipulates her Senringan to locate a destination where both Kirikou and Kim can meet up, without being shot at by the crazed locals. Once they have met up, thanks to Azusa's direction, they are able to land outside of town and Kim reports that they got away safely, before saying that they will see each other later.


  • Azusa's first name, Azusa (梓), is the Japanese word for a plant that is used to make bows. Her last name, Yumi (弓), instead means bow (as in 'bow and arrow'). As such, her name is a play on the Azusayumi
  • Her weapon form resembles a Gunbow, a combination of a ballista (also known as crossbow) and a musket.
  • Her special power, the Senrigan, may refer to the long-range capabilities of her weapon form, seeing how she can use it to see from a far distance.
  • Liz has said that Azusa is an idol for gun types like her and her sister.

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