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"All right, Enough with the chitchat!! The only thing you'll get by flattering me is a swift kick in the ass! Now carry on with the mission!!"

— Azusa to Spartoi in "The Witch's Research (Part 1)".
Azusa Yumi (Anime) Profile
Azusa Yumi



Yumi Azusa


King of the Committee Chairman (キング•オブ委員長, Kingu obu Iinchō; Yen Press "King of the Tattletales", FUNimation "Queen of the Committee Chairman")[1]
Woman with the All Seeing Eye[2]


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Asian descent


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Sid Barrett[3]

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Brina Palencia (English)
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Chapter 23

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Episode 25

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Azusa Yumi (弓梓, Yumi Azusa) is the Death Scythe in charge of East Asia and later Oceania in Marie Mjolnir's place.[4] She is also one of the DWMA's Eight Mysteries.[2]


Azusa appears to be both bookish and analytical in her mannerisms but always very respectful towards everyone. She still treats the others that attended the DWMA with her as little kids like a teacher would (clapping to get their attention and telling them to line up and walk in a single file line), much to the embarrassment of the others. Spirit describes her as always being a "bossy little brat", much to Stein's agreement.

On rare occasions she often shows a warmer side to her, from trying to prevent Marie from making a stupid decision to trying to console Kid on his faith towards the Witches.


Azusa Yumi full appearance

Azusa's full appearance.

Physically, She is of average height, being slightly shorter than Justin Law while wearing her usual high-heeled boots. She has small, dark blue eyes. She also wears her neatly combed black hair in a Graduated Bob, short at the back, getting longer towards the front.[6]

Azusa wears rather formal attire, featuring a black blazer worn over a long collared, long-sleeve shirt. This shirt is a plain white color with some kind of Asian style patterns on it that are mostly visible on the shirt's collar and untucked ends. Azusa also wears a pair of black, wide-sleeve pants and brick red high heel boots. She also wears a pair of simple framed glasses.[6]


To her peers, such as Spirit and Stein, Azusa is known to be bratty. However, Liz once said that, to many gun demon weapons, Azusa is seen as an idol due to her status as a Death Scythe and being a Gun Bow.

Marie Mjolnir
Marie punches Azusa

Marie punches Azusa for criticizing her romantic pursuits

Marie and Azusa seem to be good friends, with a very typical serious-clueless relationship between the pair, often resulting in Azusa having to keep Marie in check, especially when it comes to the topics of love and relationships. Their relationship seems to mirror that of Spirit Albarn and Franken Stein's, with Azusa referring to her as "senpai." However, Azusa seems to be the more mature of the duo, suggesting her senpai spends too much time focusing on getting married when her role within the DWMA requires her to be available to fight any threats to the world.

While a friend to Azusa, Marie can let her frustration with her remarks about her priorities get the best of her, which often results in Marie lashing out with a punch, if not at Azusa, then at any nearby restroom fixtures.

Franken Stein
Azusa and Stein madness

Azusa and Stein tend to butt heads

Azusa and Stein were classmates in their youth at the DWMA. Like Spirit, Stein considers Azusa to be a tattletale and somewhat bothersome and irritating due to the fact she has prevented him in some of his dissections as children. For her part, Azusa is quick to blame Stein as well as Spirit for the escape of Asura from the DWMA.

Despite this however, he still views her as a valued ally and in return, she returns that view. The two have worked together on missions for the DWMA, including the attack on Asura on the Moon.

Spirit Albarn

Spirit and Azusa were both classmates during their time in school. Like that of Stein's, they share the opinion of her being a tattletale and bossy. She's also somewhat irritated with Spirit due to his flirtatious nature. Both also tend to argue when having conflicted feelings, such as how to address a problem in the battlefield. In addition, Azusa wastes no time in chastising him for his failure of being present when the Kishin was revived. Although it is rare for the two to see eye to eye, both display a certain level of respect of each other as former classmates, Death Scythes, and allies.

Sid Barrett

Azusa occasionally acts as Sid's partner during assignments along with Mira Naigus, where she consistently proves to be a valuable asset, in providing both tactical and long range support. Both individuals have great respect for the other as allies.

Death the Kid

Being her boss's son, Azusa seems to generally respect Kid, though it is shown that Azusa also genuinely cares for him in episode 49 where she tries to stop him from going inside the barrier created by the Kishin. Similarly, in the manga, she shows concern when Kid asks the Witches for help against the Kishin and questions If they can be trusted, showing concern for Kid's safety. When Kid assured her things will be fine, she compared his stubbornness to that of his father.


Azusa feels the need to maintain a air of professionalism around Death, who is her boss and, in the anime, her occasional meister. She's one of the Death Scythes who tends to take her duties with upmost seriousness and does whatever she could to make herself useful to him. However, in the anime, even she cannot take someone of Death's eccentric antics and isn't afraid to speak her mind and even scold him. In return, this seems to actually scare him.


As a Death Scythe, Azusa is one of the most powerful Demon Weapons within the series. Her level of ability as a Gun-Type Weapon has garnered praise from fellow Gun-Type Weapon, Liz Thompson, who claimed that no other Gun-Type Weapon is as good, and that Azusa is the "bee's knees" for other Gun-Type Weapons.[7]

Special Abilities

Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin Buki): As a Demon Weapon, Azusa has the capability of transformation between her human form and her weapon form.[4]

Episode 34 - Mifune deflects a shot from Sid and Azusa

Azusa's Bow-Gun Type Rifle form.

  • Bowgun-type Rifle (ボウガン型のライフル, Bougan-Gata no Raifuru): Azusa's known weapon form is a weapon in which resembles a cross between that of a sniper rifle and a crossbow. Her weapon form features pin-point accuracy which impressed the likes of Sid Barrett. Azusa further explains she can hit a target to within less then a half-inch of error, even up to six miles away. Sid's comments implies the prowess of her weapon form was achieved from her own effort.[8]Like that of the Demon Twin Guns, Azusa also has the ability to compress her Meister's wavelengths into powerful, sniper-like shots. Depending on the Meister, her shots are powerful enough to destroy portions of Mosquito's torso (Sid Barrett)[9] or in the anime, powerful enough to destroy the Madness Cannon used by Arachnophobia (Death).[5]

Telesynchronization: A unique ability of Azusa in which allows for direct mutual communication between her soul and another through a device such as a telephone or a wireless radio. This allows her to establish a Soul Resonance from a distance.[10]

Episode 28 - Azusa updates Map with Thousand Miles Eyes

Azusa's speed as she uses Thousand-Mile Eyes to update a map.

Thousand-Mile Eyes (千里眼, Senrigan): Combined with her telesynchronization of a Meister as a synchronizing medium, she can activate her Thousand-Mile Eyes ability. According to her own statements, this allows her to have a viewing radius of about 50 meters.[11] Within her viewing radius, she can determine and retain information about a location's infrastructure in precise measurements and retain the information at an inhuman rate[12] as well as read and analyze the souls of individuals similar to that of Soul Perception.[11][13] Azusa has also shown the ability to link other Meisters such as Kim Diehl to her field of vision in order for her to interpret and translate the text in Witch Text.[14]

Enhanced Speed: While in use of her Thousand-Mile Eyes, Azusa can move at incredible rates of speed to draw out diagrams of the Arachnophobia Facility[15] as well copy the words displayed on a piece of paper in Witch Text from Kilik Rung's sight in mere seconds.[16]

Intelligence and Tracking: Azusa possess excellent proficiency in obtaining intelligence and tracking down a given person or objective for the DWMA. Her skills have allowed her to find bases of Arachnophobia around the world.[17]


Time at the Academy

During her days as a student within the academy, Azusa was known as the "King of the Tattletales" and often got involved whenever Spirit would attempt to woo in other girls his age or tattled on Stein whenever he would go out and take apart a random innocent passerby or animals, disproving of both of their actions back then.[18] She would eventually later became a Death Scythe and be stationed in East Asia.[19]

Death Fest Arc

As Shaula Gorgon wrecked havoc on Death City and entered an altercation with members of the DWMA Intelligence Agency and a Meister/Weapon Trio (Tsugumi, Meme, Anya), Azusa was one of the 8 Death Scythe who showed up along with Death and Death the Kid to deal with the Witch's attack on the city and watched as she was killed by the NOT students.[20]

Trial Enrollment Arc

Soul Eater Episode 25 HD - Marie and Azusa 5

Azusa deadpans as a desperate Marie wants to marry a toilet.

Having been summoned by Death to Death City after the Kishin's revival, Azusa arrives in the city along with colleague and friend, Marie Mjolnir. Having a conversation with Marie on priorities, relationships, and marriage, she deduces Marie's problem with relationships is linked to the fact she tries to hard, only to be punched by an upset Marie. When Marie contemplates marrying the toilet, she then talks her out of it and witnesses Marie destroy the toilet, not surprised of her display of strength.[21]

Having spotted her former classmate Spirit and Stein, they all greet each other and reminiscent on her bratty behavior in the past. Azusa also then claims that the Kishin's resurrection was both of their fault. Cutting conversation short, she orders them to line up to visit Death, with all her former classmates doing so much to their chagrin.[22]

Azusa and Stein madness

Azusa deduces the dangers of Asura's Madness Wavelength, impressing Stein.

Arriving with all of the Death Scythes, she joins in the meeting as they devise a strategy to counter the Kishin's Madness Wavelength, with all the Death Scythe asking Stein of the effects of the Kishin's Madness Wavelength, with Azusa deducing that the Madness Wavelength may awaken the evil or boost the hold to individuals, impressing Stein. She then instigates Death to take action on Spirit and Stein, feeling as the situation is their fault. Death then reshuffles responsibilities, resulting in Azusa being tasked with finding the Kishin as well as taking Marie's responsibilities in Oceania. After the reshuffling, Death then dismisses most of the Death Scythes barring Spirit.[23]

The Bodyguard Arc

Episode 27 - Azusa leads Sid and Mira

Azusa leads Sid and Mira through the Research facility.

During her search for the Kishin, she finds one of Arachnophobia's research facilities and passes the intelligence to DWMA and Sid Barrett.[24] Later, she accompanies Sid and Mira Naigus as she directs them onto their mission. Remarking his speed, she uses her Thousand-Mile Eyes to update her map, earning a remark from Mira on the impressiveness of her Death Scythe abilities. Azusa also warns the infiltration duo on the souls of a witch, an old monster, and "something else". When the alarms in the research facility goes off, she investigates with her Thousand-Mile Eyes and finds an unknown DWMA student having triggered it.[25] Shortly after, Azusa would update Sid on the situation and inform him that the student is fighting Mifune although also comments on their difference in level of power.[26]

After Sid and Mira leaves the facilities to bomb it, he later uses Azusa to save Black☆Star and Tsubaki by shooting both Mosquito and Mifune while at the same time destroying the facility. Azusa comments on her capabilities, though is more concern for the opponent who had moved into a blindspot, stating he's no ordinary man.[27]

"BREW" - The Tempest Arc

Internal Investigation Arc

As part of Joe Buttataki's role in locating a suspected traitor within the DWMA, after the mysterious circumstances that led to the previous operations failure, Azusa is interviewed by him regarding this issue. During this process, Azusa provides highly accurate information pertaining to her mission in searching for Asura and Justin Law's involvement. The questioning progress goes well and relatively quickly; that is until she mentions Marie and the support she is currently providing for Stein, which immediately results in Joe losing his composure, bringing a sudden end to the interview.

Deal Arc

Chapter 44 - Azusa updates Death on the situation with Aracnophobia and BREW

Azusa updates Death on the situation with Arachnophobia.

Azusa later reports to Death, informing him that Arachnophobia are still on the offensive and have dealt massive blows to both the East Asia and African branches of the DWMA and used the threat of "BREW" against them for the fifth time. She also warns him of the dangers of Arachnophobia expanding their scope of activities, the situation getting worse as they delay, and the time it'll take before they're start making impossible demands towards the DWMA. Her call is interrupted by Sid and she listens in as they confirm the list of the three witches sent to Death City was accurate and the informant be detain as they're none other then Medusa Gorgon.[28]

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle Arc

Soul Eater Chapter 48 - DWMA wait at the Amazon

Azusa and DWMA forces wait at the Amazon.

Standing at sunrise with DWMA soldiers, Sid Barrett, and Mira Naigus, Azusa then uses her Telesynconization and her Thousand-Mile Eyes and resonates with Ox Ford, engaging in a telepathic conversation and finds out that the infiltration of Baba Yaga Castle was a success and they're currently being led by Medusa. She concludes their discussion and informs Ox to contract her If anything goes wrong, informing Sid of their situation. She is also present as a Meister and Weapon arrives.[29] She later informs Sid that the DWMA forces have started with the destruction of the Locks.[30]

Tying Things Up, and New Beginnings

By this point Azusa had now returned to the DWMA's East Asian Branch, revealing that in her absence she had been investigating the whereabouts of Justin Law, as well as some suspicious details of his background brought to light by Joe Buttataki's previous report. During the course of these investigations, she determined that Justin did not have an alibi for the time of Joe's death.

The Witch's Research

She is seen supervising Spartoi's first mission, providing assistance with her Senringan, using it to accurately transcribe everything Kirikou observed within Medusa's concealed and abandoned laboratory in Central Africa. Since all the documents she copied where written in Witch Text, she subsequently linked her vision to Kim's, which thanks to her witch's heritage is capable of reading such writing. Kim proceeds to inform Azusa that the research notes discuss the development of magic that is able to manipulate Madness.

Not much later she hears one of the group saying, "Kirikou they're penetrating the wall change position", through the artifact "Incom". Kirikou manages to reveal that they are now under assault from the town's villagers but another attack prevents any further communication. After continued barrage makes escape impossible, Azusa manipulates her Senringan to locate a destination where both Kirikou and Kim can meet up, without being shot at by the crazed locals. Once they have met up, thanks to Azusa's direction, they are able to land outside of town and Kim reports that they got away safely, before saying that they will see each other later.

Battle on the Moon

Azusa accompanies the Death Scythes and other the DWMA staff onto the new Demon Airship to The Moon in order to fight the Kishin. Upon returning to the Earth, Azusa is used by Kilik Rung to fire upon the Kishin.

Soul Eater Chapter 113 - Death Scythes celebrate

Azusa and others celebrate Kid's ascension

After the members of the DWMA defeats Asura, Azusa joins her peers in Death City to celebrate at the ceremony announcing Death the Kid as a full shinigami.


  • Azusa's first name, Azusa (梓), is the Japanese word for a plant that is used to make bows. Her last name, Yumi (弓), instead means bow (as in 'bow and arrow'). As such, her name is a play on the Azusayumi ("birchwood bow"), referring to ancient Japanese bows made from Japanese cherry birch. The term has since become a stock phrase in poetry referring to images of pulling and twanging.[31]
  • Although unconfirmed at the moment. Ohkubo revealed the age of Azusa at a signing, which is 25.
  • Liz has said that Azusa is an idol for gun types like her and her sister.


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