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Strongest Coward, Kishin-sama, Asura-sama
Appears In

Soul Eater

Professional Status

Meister, Shinigami, Kishin, Great Old One



Previous Affiliation(s)

Great Old Ones

Personal Status



Over 800 Years old


Deceased(Anime), Incarcerated(Manga)

Hair Color

Black(With White Strips)

Eye Color



Death(Father) Death the Kid(Younger Brother)


Godly Wavelength, Madness of Insanity, Master Combatant.



Fighting Style

Self-Made Style

List of Appearances

Asura (阿修羅, Ashura) is the ultimate antagonist of Soul Eater He was a member of the Eight Powerful Warriors, also known as the Great Old Ones, and the first Kishin to ever come into existence. Asura was Shinigami's first son, born from a fragment of his soul containing his fears. His younger brother, Death the Kid, was born from the same process.


Asura was created by a Fragment of Death's soul implanted with his fears in attempt for Death to better himself and become more perfect. He was then taken in by his father as his first apprentice and became part of his group, the Eight Powerful Warriors. However, Asura's paranoia led him to having Vajra consume human soul and then consuming him, eventually turning into the first generation Kishin. After devoring the souls of some of the Eight Powerful Warriors, Death skinned him alive for his crimes and sealed him underneath Death City.


Sitting there in the dark, I had the chance to think about a lot of things, including the nature of the world itself. And after lengthy consideration, I realized something: when all is said and done, this world is an unknowable place. On the surface, all appears rational, orderly. But what lies beyond that thin veneer of reason? Stability and reality? Or chaos and madness? What are we really made of in the end? Is there truly any meaning to the lives we lead? Or are we nothing more than hollow vessels? These are questions we can never answer because we cannot hope to see beyond the world's fragile layer of skin. So we live our lives filled with uncertainty, never knowing who or what we truly are or what the future will bring. All we can do is imagine. Life becomes an unsolvable mystery with any number of twists and turns awaiting us. And that's enough to fill any soul with terror!

Asura, Episode 48

Asura had been known as an individual who possessed an extremely fragile soul. Joining the Eight Powerful Warriors, Asura had shared a friendship with Shinigami, and the two fought alongside each other in order to protect peace and order in the world. Asura was the best and strongest out of all Eight Guardians, however, despite his immense strength, Asura had almost always been experiencing the terror of something. Constantly frightened, Asura sought desperately to relieve his insatiable fear. He found such comfort in dressing with a ridiculous amount of layered clothing, wrapping his face in long scarves, and finding comfort in his Weapon partner, Vajra. His fear, however, did not come to an ease, and found it difficult to trust others in the fear of betrayal. Even in Vajra, with whom he had supposedly specifically partnered with in an effort to escape his fears. Eventually, Asura came to the conclusion that the only way that he could relieve his fears was through the attainment of ultimate power. He then became so obsessed in obtaining such power that he began to consume Souls of innocent humans, even going so far as to consume Vajra himself. Eventually, Asura fell to his own Madness, and had become the first Kishin.

Asura also has views of a true peace of which only he knows, a peace which resides in the actions of surrendering to Madness and being rid of fear and pain. He views the rationality that has been imposed on the world as an illusion of security and peace, when in actuality, nothingness lies beyond this "order" that almost all humans seem to follow. He also believes that mankind's greatest weakness is their ability to imagine answers to questions that seem to only amount to a frightening answer, when in actuality, the answers are not very frightening at all, and that the only thing that makes them appear so terrifying is the human's imagination running away with them. As a strong believer in this concept of happiness, Asura has sacrificed his own imagination altogether, amounting to fearless recklessness.

As the physical embodiment of Madness and fear, Asura's behavior is extremely inconceivable; one minute he seemingly has a completely calm and cool demeanor, the next he is both maniacal and senseless. He is easily frightened by things he doesn't understand. This unpredictable behavior makes him particularly dangerous.

Asura is a great disbeliever in honor, seeing it as something that one could fall slave to, and that the love for other people was nothing more than a one way road to defeat. However, this does not mean Asura has an inability to feel love. In the Anime, Asura finds himself in love with Arachne, and upon realization of this love, he finds no choice but kill the source of this love that may one day lead to his own defeat. He then pursues Arachne, and swallows her Soul, showing how desperate Asura is in being at the status of not being able to be defeated.

When talking with Shinigami, Asura speaks very politely and formally, showing that he may hold some respect for his former master.

Although Asura may be the most evil individual in the entire Soul Eater series, it appears that he has a strange hidden sense of humor. When first awakened, rather than making a sinister or eerie comment as his first words in around 800 years, Asura anti-climatically comments, "Nakedness is so wrong!", since he, at the time, had no clothes on. Also, before exiting the Seal Shrine, Asura catches a glimpse of Free standing in front of him, to which he appears to compliment Free on his muscular appearance, admiring it by saying; "I like the Macho look.", and then launching himself through the ceiling. Even Free is dumbfounded by Asura's comment, wondering whether it was really addressed at him. Finally, before escaping Death City, Asura also appears to be amused by how much Shinigami's demeanor and appearance has changed.

Something to note about Asura in the anime is that he does not actually see himself as evil. Despite his intentions of drowning the world into madness, fear and insanity, he does not see that as an evil thing, but rather a normal desire that will actually make the world a better place. When Maka tries using her Kishin Hunt technique, a technique intended to destroy evil, to defeat him, Asura states this is the reason it did not work.

However, his mindset is obviously deluded because his intentions are in actuality immoral. In the manga, Maka's Kishin Hunt is actually what ultimately defeats him. The reason Maka's courage was intended to be the method that would have defeated him in the anime was likely to emphasize Maka's strength to defeat Asura by herself without Soul, as she is the hero (or heroine) of the main cast.

The characters who fought Asura largely seem to dislike him, not only for his intentions of spreading madness and insanity. They also become easily annoyed by his constant preaching of irrelevant matters they do not care about or believe in. Death points this out to Asura quite often during his fight against him, and Maka constantly tells him to shut up as well.

In the Manga & anime, it's interesting to note whenever he removes the Kishin Mask, he appears calm. Whenever he puts the Kishin Mask on, he then behaves erratically.


Asura is depicted as a very tall, thin, pale young man. Prior to becoming a Kishin, he wore numerous long white scarves, encircling his entire neck and a large portion of his head, and upwards of five to six shirts on his body, each of varying style and color. Even this significant amount of clothing is covered by a further layer; consisting of a red and black pinstriped blazer, as well as an extremely long pair of dark trousers, burying the black shoes worn underneath in a mass of fabric.

Asura has adopted the symbol of three vertical eyes, as he too possesses a third eye on his forehead. Not only does each strand of dark hair on his head look like an eye, due to the presence of white markings, but even his pupils feature this same eye-like shape. This signature eye symbol is tattooed to the backs of each of his hands and the long scarf that encompasses his head is embellished with multiple black images of these vertical eyes, wrapped in a very particular manner so as to display only three at the front.

Due to the circumstances surrounding his imprisonment and subsequent revival, Asura was left without a single item of clothing, either old or new. In order to compensate for this immediate need, he fashioned various wrappings out of his own skin to cover his naked body, even forming it to create the long scarves he originally wore with the same three signature eye-like markings.

In the anime; it is demonstrated that the irises of his eyes are red, and he possesses a red aura.


Being the ultimate antagonist in the series, the majority of protagonist and supports of Shibusen have no respect for Asura. However, to Shibusen's enemies, he's revered as a god. However, some seek to either earn his respect by worshiping him or using him to further accelerate plans. Both Medusa and Arachne expressed wanting to use his power for their diabolical plans.


Justin Law

Once Asura was released from his prison Justin Law succumbed to Asura's Madness and became his most devoted follower.


In the anime, Maka is Asura's last opponent and the only one still able to fight him as he had previously already defeated Death, Black Star and Death the Kid. Asura seems to think very lowly of Maka, finding her a pathetic excuse of an opponent and much weaker than his previous three opponents he had already defeated. Despite Asura's taunting towards her, Maka never gives up and continues fighting him even when Soul is rendered unable to help her. Despite almost losing to Asura in the battle at first, in the end Maka proves to him she isn't the weak and useless human he accused her of being, by being the one to finally defeat him by punching him in the face with all her soul's strength and courage. This then causes him to shatter into pieces.



The Two once appeared to be comrades, possibly having a normal father/son relationship prior to his transformation into a Kishin. He now appears to harbor nothing but hate for his father. He also seems to share opposite views from his father. Where he sees imagination as a weakness, Death sees it as a strength. And where he sees humans as nothing but worthless trash, Death sees great potential within them. However, he does harbor a little respect for him. He refers to him as his teacher and chatted with him shortly after being revived. Asura seems to see the act of his creation by Death, who created him by casting out the fear from his soul, as an act of tyranny.

Death the Kid

As Kid's older brother, he appears to greatly look down on him, coldly revealing to Kid his relationship to Shinigami and bluntly telling him they come from the same fragment. He also sees Kid being foolish for following their father without question. However, despite this, he is shown to want Kid to be on his side and to awaken his Shinigami powers so they can drawn the world in madness together. He was disappointed when Kid refused to join him. This should not be mistaken for brotherly feelings, as Asura had no such feeling for Kid to begin with and merely saw him as means to an end nothing more. Asura was shown to be very angry when Kid didn't turn out like him when he awakened his Shinigami power. He also has been seen constantly trying to provoke him to use the Madness Of Order for him to change Kid's viewpoint on humans and to see them as mere weaklings.


The Clowns

The Clowns are physical manifestations of Asura's madness. The clowns are able to regenerate completely from virtually nothing, and if they are destroyed they can be reanimated quickly after their deaths. A Clown's only goal is to spread Madness as far and as quickly as possible.


While Asura went into hiding in the Manga, only manipulating events to a subtle degree, he is much more prominent in the anime, in which Arachne recruits him into her organization.
Asura found himself in love with Arachne, since the witch was acting like a motherly figure to him after Arachne took him to her organization. But after Asura's fight with Shinigami and embracement from Arachne, Asura remembers how Death used his love for others to defeat him, therefore assuming he could use his love for her to defeat him. This causes him to kill Arachne and consume her soul, showing that even love could not stop his fear.

The Flying Dutchman

The dutchman is a Kishin Worshiper and he collects souls as offerings to Asura.


Crona After being completely engulfed in Madness, Crona sets his/her sights on absorbing Asura into him/herself. Crona succeeds and is granted temporary control of Asura before finally getting consumed him/herself by Asura.

Powers & Abilities

Main Article: Asura's Powers and Abilities

Asura dodges Maka

Asura dodges Maka's attacks.

Asura is one of the most powerful character in Soul Eater, rivaling Death in terms of raw power. He's also the most powerful Antagonist. As Death's first Apprentice and son, he was the most feared and powerful member of the Eight Powerful Warriors. However, he was a paranoid individual and eventually became a Kishin after eating his Weapon Partner, Vajra. As the First Kishin, he expells the Madness of Insanity, which can induce anyone into illusions and make them go insane. In the Manga, he is sealed off due to the fact he is the personification of fear and cannot be killed. He also was able to handle the Main Cast's simultaneously and gained the upperhand. He been able to defeat Death on one occasion, Black Star and Death the Kid in the anime.


Around 800 years before the events of Soul Eater , Shinigami, to improve himself, created Asura by taking out the fear in his soul. Asura served under Shinigami as a member of the Eight Powerful Warriors. Asura was the most valued member of the group, said to be the strongest and most feared among all its members. However, Asura was found to be an extremely troubled person, nearly always frightened by something or seen mumbling to himself eerily, to which the Weapon Vajra took it upon himself to partner with Asura in an effort to relieve him of some of his fears. Other members of the group began to notice Asura's peculiar demeanor, and he and his actions became a subject of suspicion and wonder. An event that illustrates Asura's suspicious actions is when the Warriors were assigned a mission to eliminate a group of Witches to the East. Members of the Powerful Warriors came upon a large surprise when they arrived to the battlefield and came to find that all the Witches had already been slaughtered by Asura who had decided to kill all of them himself without assistance. Eventually, Asura's insecurities drove him into an obsession over power and lead him to begin collecting the innocent Souls of humans. Unable to stop Asura, he eventually succeeded in consuming enough Souls to awaken into the first Kishin, falling into and becoming the ultimate source of all Madness.

Shinigami then hunted down Asura himself to stop the Kishin. Upon finding him, Shinigami defeated Asura and tore off all of the Kishin's skin off in order to make a bag to seal Asura in (seeing his skin as the perfect thing to lock away Asura along with his Soul and Madness). After sealing Asura away, Death Weapon Meister Academy was then founded above The Seal Shrine, and Shinigami himself rooted his own Soul to Death City in order to forever keep Asura in an eternal sleep.

Soul Eater

Demon Sword Ragnarok

Shinigami and Stein made a reference to Asura about the preventing a Kishin to be reborn.

The Holy Sword

Asura was refered about the history of the demon sword.

The Uncanny Sword

Asura was dubbed the first kishin when first metioned.

The Black Dragon

In this chapter Asura was first mentioned by the Flying Dutchman to gather all the souls for him.

The Anniversary Celebration

Described by Death, Asura was revealed to be below Shibusen and Medusa plans to revive him with Black Blood.

This Evening's Fight to the Death

Asura is eventually resurrected by Eruka and Free upon Medusa's orders. Even newly awoken, he knocks out Black Star and Kid in a single blow and matches Shinigami in power. Shinigami was at a disadvantage, being limited by his connection to Death City and not possessing a Death Scythe, allowing Asura to win the fight and escape. He flew to an unknown destination to regain his strength, but once again Asura is causing madness and terror to infect the world. Since then Asura has made only small appearances and mentions throughout the entire story.

Daily Life

The death Scythes were ordered by Shinigami to locate Asura and that his madness would strengthen the wicked.

Experimenting school

Arachne was awakened by Asura's madness.

The Investigation

Asura's madness was detected by Joe Buttataki. So Justin killed him.

The Clown

Asura brought existence to a Clown a physical embodiment of madness. The Clown's purpose is to further spread madness.

Arachnophobia Vs. Shibusen Arc (Anime)

In the anime, Asura flew to an abandoned mansion to hide from Shinigami. He is visited by Arachne, who tries to recruit him, into Arachnophobia to help her destroy Shibusen. He is at first aggravated by her presence and nearly strangles her to death with his scarves, yet accepts and comes to Baba Yaga's Castle. Arachne subdues Asura and harvests his insane wavelength to spread madness throughout the world and creates destructive weapons with his power.

After Shinigami transports Death City to the castle's location, he manages to capture Asura and seals him within the Death Room so they may do battle once again. This time however, Shinigami has his weapon, Death Scythe Spirit. Shinigami seemingly had the advantage, but in the middle of battle Asura sent a powerful attack at Death the Kid and Yumi, forcing Shinigami to take the blast in his stead to save him. With Shinigami defeated, Asura returned to Arachne. Though they embrace, Asura remembers how he used Death's attachment and love for Kid to beat him and then realizes he is feeling love and attachment for Arachne and becomes afraid of her, to escape this fear he kills the source and devours her soul.

After eating her soul, Asura undergoes a transformation into a much larger, monstrous version of himself. Maka, Kid, Black Star and their weapons confront him, but all their attacks prove useless. Soul is knocked out and Maka tries to bring him back. While defending her from the Kishin, Kid activates the Lines of Sanzu. Asura pierces Kid's chest with an over-sized finger, but the lines still activate. Black Star distracts Asura while Kid prepares and fires his attack. Asura is almost completely destroyed, except for a burned husk, which explodes into Asura's original form. Kid falls unconscious, and BlackStar tries to fight Asura alone, but he too falls. Maka and Soul return and find their friends defeated.

Asura begins to torture Maka with fear and taunts her futile efforts to attack him, believing someone so weak and normal as a human could never defeat him. Maka strikes him with Kishin Hunter, but even so it proves useless. Asura reveals Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength fails to kill him because madness itself is not impure, but exists within everybody. Asura fires an attack at Maka, but Soul protects her and collapses. Enraged, Maka tries to take the Kishin on herself, but she is quickly defeated. She even tries to fight Asura while unconscious to avoid all fear, activating her powers as a weapon, but the Kishin quickly sees through her plan.

When all hope seems lost and death seems imminent, Maka tells Asura she is relieved. This scares him, and he wonders how she could feel relieved in such a situation. She tells him her greatest power is not something special; it is "courage," which opposes fear. The Kishin becomes more and more frightened at her determination, and begins to go insane with frustration over why she would rely on something so pathetic and useless as "courage". Maka punches him in the face with a "fist full of courage," which surprisingly causes Asura's face to crack. As his body begins to shatter, Asura wonders how a punch full of something as simplistic as courage could defeat him. Maka tells him courage is indeed nothing special, that everybody has it. Before he explodes, Asura smiles to himself upon realizing that courage is therefore the same as madness: everybody has it.

Operation: Capture Baba Yagura's Castle

During the battle between Maka and Arachne, Arachne plans to join forces with Asura only for power.

Tying Things Up, and New Beginnings

It is later revealed Justin Law was acting as a spy for the Kishin, and was ordered to murder BJ because his strong Soul-Perception ability was perceived as a threat.


Noah wants to locate Asura by using Maka's soul.

The Witch's research

Medusa created her own clowns to harness Asura and apparently sends Justin and the Clown by him to get to her.

Abyss, Uncleansing Darkness

Justin was most likely under orders by Asura to kill Medusa for creating an artificial Clown.


at the end of Salvage The Kishin appears on the moon with a lot of Clowns.


Asura is still on the moon inside.


Recent chapters have revealed that Asura has been responding to Crona's Black Blood since his resurrection that was orchestrated by Medusa. And has sent Justin Law and Clown to a village in Ukraine too presumably execute Crona.


At the end of this chapter, Justin Law's disfigured face reveals how much Asura has corrupted him.

There is Someone to Admire

It's revealed that he was hiding on the moon throughout the series when Maka went searching for Crona's soul she instead found his soul wavelength as she was following the madness that she thought could lead her to Crona, but instead to him by chance.

Battle on the Moon

After Asura awoke, he released his madness upon everyone. Later he appears before Sid, Noah (Wrath), Gopher, Akane and Clay, and Noah (Wrath) begins to capture him with Brew.

The Dark Side of the Moon

After Noah (Wrath) manages to capture Asura by using Brew to fuse with one of his ants, Crona suddenly appears behind Noah and she/he dissolves both Noah (Wrath) and Asura in twister of Mad Blood. Crona then absorbs only Asura and he/she says that he/she doesn't need Noah (Wrath) who Ragnarok immediately spits out of Crona's body. However, after Crona has a mental breakdown, Asura assimilates Crona's body and swears to create a chaotic world driven by Madness.

He easily resists Maka's failed attempts to get Crona back, and deflects several attacks by Maka, Black Star, and Kid, watching calmly as Kid completes his transformation into a full Shinigami and commenting what a stupid younger brother Kid is, revealing the fact that he too is Shinigami's son.

Asura continues fighting the trio, and their efforts to defeat him continue being in vain despite Kid's transformation into a Shinigami. Soul determines he and Maka must harness the power of the Black Blood to defeat him, and take the risk of insanity that comes with it. Donning the dress of Black Blood again, Maka enters Asura while Kid and Black Star hold him back. Inside Asura, Maka manages to convince Crona that he/she is doing the wrong thing. Crona finally agrees to stop and agrees to help the group because he/she trusts Maka's judgment so much, as Maka was the only person ever to be kind, caring, and trusting towards him/her.

Upon leaving Asura, Maka attacks Asura with the Kishin Hunt, defeating him and allowing Crona to seal both Asura and him/herself inside the moon to keep the madness locked away forever, whilst Maka, Black Star and Kid are safely transported back to Death City.

In the anime

In the anime, Asura was voiced by Chris Patton.

After hunting human souls and eating his weapon Vajra, Asura was imprisoned in a bag made from his own skin. However, Medusa, Free, and Eruka were able to release him. He defeated Maka, Black Star, and Kid, and ran off.

Later, Arachne joined forces with him, although he attacked and nearly killed her first. Asura did not do much afterward, until he was captured by Death, who engaged him in battle. Asura injured Death, but then became afraid of Arachne, out of his love for her. He killed Arachne and devoured her soul, transforming into a monstrous form. Black Star and Kid fought him but were defeated, and in the process he regained his humanoid form, but with more grayish skin.

Finally Maka fought Asura, but Soul was knocked out during the fight. Maka's Kishin Hunter, an evil-destroying attack, did not affect Asura because he is manifested of madness rather than true evil. Maka fought Asura by partially transforming into a scythe for the first time, but eventually he countered this. Just when it seemed Asura won, Maka showed true bravery in his presence, causing him to become afraid of her and his soul to become unstable. Maka punched Asura in the face, destroying him.

Afterward, his soul was planted in the ground by Death.


  • Asura's prominent symbol of three vertical eyes was based upon the symbol involved with the character "Emine" and his Hakutaku in Atsushi's earlier series B. Ichi.
  • Asura possesses several references to Hindu and Buddhist religions. His name is taken from the demonic race of Asura in Hindu and Buddhist religion. The concept of a third eye is a symbol of enlightenment while the hand signs he uses to attack are similar to mudrā, symbolic and ritualistic gestures of Buddhism and Taoism. His weapon, a vajra, is a ritual tool symbolically used by various eastern religions.
  • Incidentally, Asura is shown to consume souls the same way that Soul and Ragnarok do; by literally eating them.
  • When describing the five remaining warlords of the Great Eight, the black mass says, "Order, Knowledge, Power, Rage, Terror". Asura could associate with rage, or terror, but based on the anime and to the fact that Excalibur is hinted to be associated with "Rage", it is most likely he is "Terror".
  • Before his revelation as Death's first son, one could see several similarities between Asura and Death the Kid physically.
  • In the end credits of the final scene, Shinigami is shown burying a soul in his Death Room. It can be assumed that this is Asura's soul, as it is a Kishin Soul.[1]
  • Asura's appearance underneath his bandages differs slightly between the Manga and Anime - In the Anime, his hair is slightly longer and his cheekbones are not as pronounced, making him appear slightly younger then he does in the Manga.
  • Despite viewing humans scum with no real power, Asura appears to acknowledge Black Star, saying he has exceeded the limits of humans, and referring to him as a 'god of military arts'.


  1. Final Episode. The Word Is Bravery!; End Credits

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