An Art describes the classifications the various abilities and powers an individual may possess within their own Deathblow.[1]


Distinct from the likes of those of magical nature or special transforms, Arts can take a physical and non-physical form of abilities at enable an individual to unleash a attack or technique for a plethora of reasons such as Soul Perception being a supplementary ability to sense souls or an attack such as Witch-Hunt being a ability to change the blade of a Scythe during Soul Resonance to enable special effects.[1]

Sub-classifications of ArtsEdit

They're also also various, special subcategories of the types of arts in which an individual may possess such as:

  • Special Arts: These arts can range from an individual's unique abilities, sometimes transformation (depending on the individual and how), to even various abilities in which can be learned (such as Soul Menace). These are perhaps the most common types of arts, though range in power from one another.[1]
  • Spiritual Arts: The abilities in Spiritual Arts are those in which, unlike Special Arts, often don't take a physical form and can only be utilized in a manner deemed "spiritual". An example would be Soul's Piano.[1]
  • Unknown Arts: These abilities are classified as "unknown" most likely due to not falling under normal classifications. These abilities tends to be rare and exclusive to select individuals. Only certain Black Blood-related abilities as well as Madness abilities falls under this category.[1]

List of ArtsEdit


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