Episode 26 - Arachne greeted after her ressurection

Arachnophobia greeting their head after her revival.

Arachnophobia is a large and formidably powerful organization which even predates the creation of Death Scythe Meister Academy. Over the eight hundred years, Arachne Gorgon had secretly expanded the "network" with the assistance of her steward, Mosquito.[1] Arachnophobia hold a very powerful military force with enough resources and troops to even go head-to-head with one of the most powerful organizations in the world: Death Scythe Meister Academy.[2]


Arachnophobia is split up into several divisions:

  • Research Division: A division which specializes in researching and developing Demon Tools, such as the Morality Manipulation Machine. Mosquito seems to have a hand in this division, being the project leader for that particular Demon Tool.[3]
  • Enchanter's Division: A division made up of Enchanters who use Golems to fight. Not much is known about this division but it seems that Giriko takes command of this particular division.[4]
  • Samurai Division: A division of samurais exist within Arachnophobia, with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa speculating there to be about 300 members within this particular group. All of them are also Japanese with the exception of Mifune, who seems to command this division despite their resentment towards his ethnicity.[5]


Military ForcesEdit



The Head of Arachnophobia is effectively the leader of the entire organizations. Because of the nature of Arachnophobia, the head of it is usually Arachne Gorgon. However, it's only been subjected to changed due to the Witch having to fake her death to escape from Death's grasp.[6]

Name Position Status
Arachne Gorgon1st Head of Arachnophobia, 3rd Head of ArachnophobiaDeceased
Mosquito2nd Head of ArachnophobiaDemoted


Episode 29 - Mosquito, Mifune, and Giriko intercept Medusa

All of Arachnophobia's prominent henchmen.

Under the head of Arachnophobia are the henchmen, who personally interact and work with Arachne as well as retain high ranks. These individuals are some of the most powerful members of the entire organization. These individuals vary in power, though have shown the ability to hold their own against a Death Scythe,[7] some of the three-star ranking Meisters like Sid Barrett,[8] and even has defeated and/or held their own against some of DWMA's best fighters among the student body, held in high regard by even the students and staff themselves.[9][10] The top henchmen is Mosquito.[11]

Name Position Status
Mosquito*Henchmen, Steward[3]Unknown[12]
Mifune*Henchmen, Mosquito's BodyguardDeceased

Note: In the anime, all three have a different fate.


Arachnid (Soldiers)Edit

Episode 31 - Arachnids


Arachnophobia's Soldiers (called an Arachnid and Fighter in the anime) describes the geneal members of Arachnophobia. Usually suited in a long, dark purple cloak and a white mask shaped similar to that of a spider, they're the individuals that do the day to day work. They can range from guards to researchers and Enchanters. The highest rank of them is called a Chief, in which they give responsibilities to others.

Name Position Status
ChiefChief ArachnidUnknown
Arachnophobia FighterArachnidUnknown
Eruka FrogArachnid (ruse)Defected
FreeArachnid (ruse)Defected
Mizune FamilyArachnid (ruse)Defected
Kimial DiehlArachnid (brainwashed)Defected
Jacqueline O'Lantern DupreArachnid (brainwashed)Defected


Chapter 44 - Taruho and Tabatha secretly chats with Mosquito

Arachonphobia spies Taruho and Tabatha talking to Mosquito.

Some of Arachnophobia's forces consist of the usages of spies in order to extract intelligence from their enemies. The spies witnessed thus far appear to consist of Witches. Spies within Arachnophobia report their finding back to Arachnophobia's henchan and Arachne's Steward, Mosquito. Among their usage is that of a Crystal Ball.[13]

Name Position Status
Tabatha ButterflySpyInactive
Taruho FireflySpyInactive


Among other ranks includes assassins. Arachnophobia assassins are implied to undergo assassination missions as well as acting as some of their more capable field operatives. Only one Arachnophobia assassins has been identified.[14]

Name Position Status
Fisher KingAssassin[14], Arachnophobia Agent[14]Deceased


On occasion, Arachnophobia makes alliances with other individuals who's goal align with Arachnophobia to an extent. Unlike any of the other within Arachnophobia, alliances have been made with individuals whom have their own agenda and can be even more powerful then Arachnophobia's top individuals.[15]

Name Position Status
Noah (Greed)Alliance memberDefected
Asura (anime-only)Alliance memberDefected



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