Arachnophobia's momentum is already too great for even the meddling Shinigami to contain. The madness of the Kishin is fast reaching its climax...and the world has changed. Up to now, the world's security efforts have bee manned entirely by graduates of the DWMA....but Arachnophobia has already begun the task of eating away at that setup. It is the nature of human souls—just a nudge in the right direction, and they fall right into the trap. Now, it's only a matter of time before Arachnophobia supplants DWMA as masters of all the world

—Mosquito to Death the Kid, Chapter 53 Yen Press translation

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Arachne Gorgon

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Baba Yaga Castle




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Episode 27

Arachnophobia (蜘蛛恐怖症(アラクノフォビア), Arakunofobia) was a giant organization founded and headed by the Witch, Arachne Gorgon.[2]


According to Mosquito, Arachnophobia's prime objective is to overthrow Death's (and later by default, Death Weapon Meister Academy) rules and supplant themselves as masters of the world.[3] In addition to this, as the organization is centered around Arachne as if she were a mother figure;[4] they support her as she aims to become the "Mother of All Things".[5]


Lost Island Incident

Eight hundred years ago as the head of Arachnophobia, Arachne stole the blueprints from the Book of Eibon containing information. She then baited Death to Lost Island with them in hopes of blowing up the facility to cover up Eibon's most powerful Demon Tool he created, "BREW", for her to reclaim at a later time and to hide it from Death.[6]

Creation of the Demon Weapons

Having gotten a hold of the blueprints to creating the Demon Weapons from the Book of Eibon,[7] the organization assisted Arachne in creating the Demon Weapons and manufacturing them in vast quantities,[8] killing witches and sacrificing their souls to create them.[9] As a result, it caused her to be hunted by the God of Death himself and her fellow kind for her transgression against them. She was later defeated by Death and forced to split her body and place her soul in the Oldest Golem, with it being guarded by her henchman Giriko.[10]


After disappearing and faking her death for eight hundred years, she is revived and the organization in which she spent eight hundred years secretly expanding makes itself known once again.[11]

Project Moral Manipulation Machine

The next major project in which Arachnophobia pursued was the building of the Morality Manipulation Machine, headed by it's project director Mosquito with Mifune employed to act as his bodyguard. However, the machine's first built prototype is later destroyed by DWMA forces as well as losing the fragment of the Book of Eibon, with Mosquito taking the blame for his failure.[12]

Battle on Lost Island

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle


Arachnophobia's main base of operations and headquarters, Baba Yaga Castle, is located in South America deep under in the Amazon basin, at around 2,000 meters underground.[13]


Arachnophobia's Logo

Arachnophobia's insignia

According to Medusa Gorgon, the entire organization worships Arachne Gorgon as an absolute motherly figure and follows behind her along with it's top leaders. The level of devotion of most of it's members is comparable to that of a religious cult, in which contributes to how it gained such a large mass to compare to that of Death Weapon Meister Academy.[14]


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  • "Arachnophobia" is a Greek word, literally translating to "fear of spiders". This seems fitting, as the entire organization's insignia vaguely resembles a spider. Also, its head is a spider themed witch.
  • Giriko required Arachnids to clean his room every half hour (thirty minutes).[14]


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