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Arachne is a notorious and feared witch.

As the leader of the organization Arachnophobia, Arachne is noteworthy in witch history due to her crimes in creating the Demon Weapons, earning her the nickname "The Heretic" and the "Mother of Demon Weapons". She's also revered as the darkest stain in witch history. Despite that, it seems those such as Gopher and Giriko even know her as a powerful Witch, showing shock when learning of the perpetrator of her demise.




Arachne seems to treat Giriko like anyone else, despite his devotion towards her. She seems to be very unfazed by his loud mouth and bad habits; in fact, when he yells at her in Loew Village, she is completely-straight faced when she expresses her displeasure. Giriko quickly changes his demeanour and refers to her as 'ane-san' - meaning 'big sister' like 'onee-san', but is less polite[1] - which she has no problem with.[2] She also refers to him as a 'little boy', which is belittling. This could mean that she views him as less important in status than her.

Despite this, Giriko is a high-ranking henchman in Arachnophobia, which suggests that Arachne is confident in his abilities. She also allows him to loiter in the Queen Spider's Room in Baba Yaga Castle.


In the Anime she shows affection, more so than other followers, stating that she is confident that he will defeat death and return to her embrace(which he does), and refers to him as "love". She is shown shocked when Asura kills her, which he did out of fear of his love for her being his downfall

Mifune Edit

Arachne seems to have faith and confidence in Mifune. When introducing him to Giriko, she describes him as 'very powerful', 'a master', and a 'living legend'.[3] However, she mentions that it is easy to manipulate someone with a weakness, presumably referring to Mifune's love of Angela Leon and other children. This implies that she is not beyond using him despite seemingly respecting him.



The Reaper has stood in my way long enough. I want you to help me eliminate him. I've hated him for 800 years, I loathe him now more then ever.

—Arachne to Asura regarding Death, Episode 39 (English Dub)

Arachne and Shinigami

Arachne hunted by Death

Though much of their history is unknown, it is known that she carries some sort of rivalry with Death. Eight hundred years prior to the series, she attempted an attack on his life by using the Lost Island's explosion as a means to end him, though it was unsuccessful.[4] She was then hunted and battled Death, barely surviving. Arachne faked her own death to avoid him by splitting her soul into spiders and scattering for eight hundred years.[5] Upon her revival and arrival at Baba Yaga Castle, she also remarked that she could beat Death.[6]

In the anime, Arachne expressed more hated towards the Death God, stating that she loathes him and wants him dead, willing to allign with the Kishin, Asura, to attain the goal of leading the Shinigami to his death.[7]

Medusa GorgonEdit

It doesn't matter who comes up with an idea or who actually implements it. What matters is what you are able to get out of it. And that's where you fall short, little sister. You can't even get a man when you want one.

—Arachne to Medusa in "Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 13)"

Despite being the older sibling[8], both witches hold some animosity against one another. Upon seeing her sister for the first time in Rachel Boyd's body, she chuckled at her more youthful appearance and criticized her actions such as fearlessly walking into Baba Yaga Castle. The root of Arachne's animosity with Medusa originates from the fact that Arachne claims that it was Medusa who, eight hundred years prior to the start of the Soul Eater series, was the one who betrayed her during her battle with Death and would show no problem in killing her for that, though she lets her go in anticipation for Medusa to be caught in one of her "webs".[9]

Later when Arachne became Madness itself, both siblings would even bicker. As Medusa figures out her plans and Arachne expressed the goal of becoming the "Mother of All Things", Medusa laughed off and reminded her that while she thinks she's important due to creating the Demon Weapons, she only followed the instruction set in the Book of Eibon. Arachne retorted she didn't care about who came up with the idea or implemented it. She stated the only thing that mattered was what was to gain. Arachne also told Medusa she was not able to even attract a man, having been aware of her crush on Franken Stein, amusingly stating she had quite the "Flame Burning" with the meister. When Medusa claimed that not only does she suffer from the lack of creativity, she also was the more ridiculous looking entity despite the fact Medusa was reduced to a child. Arachne would retort, stating Medusa shouldn't call her ridiculous at the "look" of something with no form. She then attempted to devour Medusa's mind, showing no care for her younger sibling whatsoever.[10]


Not such sweet joy after all. Giriko, rub this insolent child out of existence.

—Arachne to Giriko concerning Crona in "The Trial Enrollment (Part 3)"

Upon meeting Crona, Arachne quickly noted their relation to Medusa Gorgon and expressed that it was a "sweet joy" to see them. She also noted that Crona hardly was loved by Medusa and even offered to give them affection. However, Crona refused her affections and attempted to kill her, though failed and was smacked by Arachne's fan. Her demeanor completely changed, ordering Giriko to kill Crona.[5]


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Maka Albarn and Soul EvansEdit


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