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"Fear will envelope the world. Everything will be consumed by madness. This world I envision will be a haven, Medusa. I will become the mother of all things. "

— (Chapter 58, Yen Press)

Arachne Gorgon
Normal | Madness Spider Form
Arachne Gorgon
Arachne as she appears in the Soul Eater anime series.
Name Arachne Gorgon
Alias(es) The Heretic
The Mother of Demon Weapons
The Mother of Magic Weapons
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - FemaleFemale
Age 800+
Race/Species Witch Soul Witch
Type of Soul
Magic Theme
Professional Data
Occupation(s) Leader of Arachnophobia
Affiliation(s) Witch Order icon Witch Order(formerly)
Arachnophobia's Logo RenderArachnophobia
Place of Origin
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s)
Family Gorgon Family
Relation(s) Medusa Gorgon (Younger Sister)
Shaula Gorgon(Younger Sister)
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu Stephanie Young (English)
Michiko Neya (Japanese)
Manga Debut(s) Soul Eater Icon :Chapter 25
Anime Debut(s) Soul Eater Icon :Episode 27
Game Debut(s)

Arachne Gorgon (アラクネ, Arakune Gōgon), known as The Heretic and the Mother of Demon Weapons, was the leader of Arachnophobia, the elder sister of both Medusa Gorgon and Shaula Gorgon, and the darkest blemish in witch history.[1][2] Becoming the second main antagonist of Soul Eater, she intends to harness the Madness of Fear to replace the ideals of Shibusen.


Starting the organization known as Arachnophobia, Arachne was the witch who created the Demon Weapons. By sacrificing the soul of fellow witches, she became the most brazen heretic in the witch community, in which the consequence was her being hunted down by both the Witch Order and by Death. Mortally injured by the shinigami, she split her soul in pieces by turning into little spiders and hiding her soul within the Oldest Golem, and was thought to be dead for over eight hundred years.[3]


Arachne is portrayed as a calm and intelligent individual. She rarely, if ever, shows any form of distress other than mild irritation; she showed no irritation when Mosquito told her that BREW was damaged in the explosion and left useless, and even used it as an advantage to trick Shibusen into thinking they still had BREW intact by withholding the true information. Likely due to her abilities, Arachne is not above taking advantage of someone's weaknesses and using it to influence them into joining her. She has done this using the Moral Manipulation Machine on Kim and Jackie, and later on using her powers to influence Soul Eater Evans.

She also, like Medusa, is a sinister individual. She is manipulating and cunning. She also holds little disregard for anything she deems unworthy to her or her cause. She rarely shows any visible signs of fear or anger. In the anime, she only shows anger in one instance, in which she expressed her deep hated towards Death.[4] She also has no fear in creating opportunities with ending his life. She even rigged a facility on the Lost Island in an attempt to end his life.[5]

Arachne also greatly enjoys champagne—the finest vintage. In almost all of her scenes, she is seen drinking one. When she had emerged after 800 years and met with Mosquito, the first thing she asked for was champagne. In the anime, she preferred to drink wine moments after being nearly strangled to death by Asura.

She carries herself in an aristocratic manner, as if she were from a noble stock. This is further supported by the fact that she prefers only the finest champagne. She is almost never seen standing up. Immediately after awakening, she was quickly seen atop a golem watching over the ongoing battle. When she wished to retreat, instead of simply walking away, she was carried off by Giriko. She was welcomed by her butler while walking on a red carpet and is driven by him in a luxurious limousine.

She seems to be a power-hungry individual. Her goal is to replace the World Power that is Shibusen and become the "Mother Of All".[6]

Like her sister, Medusa, Arachne also seems to express particular interest in "madness", eventually becoming madness itself within the Manga, while in the Anime, Arachne is instead allied with Asura but still plans to use madness created by Asura for her own goals.


Main article: Arachne Gorgon/Relationships

Arachne enjoys the unique position of having made enemies of both the DWMA and the overall witch community. Because her experiments at producing demon weapons required killing witches for their souls' transformation properties, many witches despise Arachne for killing their peers. And when Death recruited these demon weapons as students to hunt other witches, Arachne's status as the mother of all weapons only further infuriated witches.

As the leader of Arachnophobia, Arachne uses her comforting personality and her deceptiveness to get what she desires from others. Presenting herself as a maternal figure to her followers, Arachne can attract new members of Arachnophobia, pretending to provide love and support, as she and Mosquito claim she would offer to Crona, Kim, Jacqueline, and, in the anime, Asura. But, behind this pleasantness, Arachne is easily willing to sacrifice the followers who love her to further her own schemes. As such, while many of her followers love her, she has no love for others, not even her own family such as her sister Medusa.


  • Full body appearance of Arachne
  • Arachne's soul expanded
  • Arachne's soul in the manga.

Arachne has an extremely pale and flawless complexion, making it appear like she’s almost constructed entirely out of porcelain. She has a curvy figure, with very large breasts, a thin waist and wide hips. Her facial features comprise of long dark/black hair, worn in an upwards manner with two long strands that frame either side of her face, and eyes that have both completely grey irises and pupils, each containing a black spider web pattern.

Her typical clothing consists simply of a long black sleeveless dress; however, this dress is incredibly long, in that it completely conceals her feet, while ending in eight small trailing pieces of fabric like the legs of a spider. A narrow black band encircles her neck featuring a small spider emblem that lies at its front and eight extensions that protrude outwards upon the back, with four emerging from either side. Spider web netting branches the gap between the band and the dress, extending downwards from the aforementioned spider emblem. Two large "sleeves", separated entirely from the dress, are worn on her arms, ending just after her elbows. Each of these "sleeves" also display four protrusions, appearing at the ends of the significant amount of overhanging fabric. She also wears two spider earrings that hang downwards from her ears.


  • The name "Arachne" comes from the Greek word "arachne" meaning "spider". According to legend, the first spider was originally a human woman (named Arachne) who was such a skilled weaver that she boasted she could weave better then Athena, who is the goddess of crafts among others. After a weaving contest that didn't go in Athena's favor, she flew into a rage and turned Arachne into a spider.[7]


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