Anti-Demon Wavelength: Full Release
Demon-Repelling Wavelength Full Release
Technique Data
English Title Demon-Repelling Wavelength: Full Release
Romaji Taima no Hachō: Zenkai
Katakana 退魔の波長・全開
Alternate Title(s)
Type Wavelength, Projectile,
Derived Magic
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut
Anime Debut

Saturating the entirety of his physical form with the full extent of Tsar Pushka's respective Demon-Repelling Wavelength (退魔の波長, Taima no Hachō), before firmly anchoring his partner's weapon form into the ground, Feodor propels his own body towards the desired opponent with both tremendous force and velocity, intending to completely obliterate the foe utilizing his formidable momentum in conjunction with the purifying effect exhibited by the particular wavelength used. This latter characteristic is signified by the emission of an intense white light upon activation and makes the technique particularly effective in countering any individual harbouring or reliant upon madness, such as Witches or those afflicted by Black Blood, even Immortals are not immune to suffering permanent injuries when facing this distinctive capability. However, the use of this ability comes at considerable risk to Feodor himself, as he must establish direct physical contact with the target in order for these properties to function, significantly increasing the potential chance that he may be harmed in the process.

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