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Angela Leon
Anime  Manga
Angela as she appears in Soul Eater.
Name Angela Leon
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - FemaleFemale
Age Child
Race/Species Witch Soul Witch
Type of Soul
Magic Theme Chameleon
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) Arachnophobia's Logo RenderArachnophobia (formerly)Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 DWMA
Place of Origin
Residence Magic Castle Cinder (formerly) Death City
Team/Group N/A
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s)
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu Ayaka Saito (Japanese, anime)
Majken Bullard (English, anime)
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 0.2
Anime Debut(s) Episode 2
Game Debut(s)

Angela Leon (アンジェラ・レオン, Anjera Reon) is the first real witch introduced in the series, bar Risa and Arisa. She is still only a young witch, so she is not very good at magic, which is the reason Mifune is protecting her. Her animal theme seems to be the chameleon due to her hat's appearance and the entrance of her castle. After Mifune was killed (manga), Angela was taken into DWMA (DWMA).

She is later shown attending the witch mass alongside Mifune, something that greatly angers Eruka. Angela and Mifune were once allied to Arachne, though it was implied that if Mifune does not cooperate Angela will be hurt. One of the duties of Arachnophobia members is to play with her.


In the past, she was often kidnapped by Mafia families. Mifune, who was working for the Mafia boss, Marlon, was sent to kill her but he betrayed his boss by 'kidnapping' her instead as to protect her.


Angela protects Mifune

Angela tries to prevent Black☆Star from hurting Mifune.

Angela is seen as an innocent witch due to her age and appearance. She doesn't understand everything and can be a bit naive. She's also seems to be unable to properly distinguish between good and evil. She often likes to play.

However, she does have a protective side, as seen when she tried to stop Black☆Star from killng Mifune. She also defends him to the best of her ability, often surprising Black☆Star and managing to hurt him. Linking to this, she has some noticeably violent tendencies, although they are usually directed towards Black☆Star.


Angela is very young and little witch. She sports a hat that resembles a chamelon, which has white eyes and a long tongue. She wears a white dress with black ribbons. She also sports white gloves. After being in DWMA, she wears a school uniform that consist of a normal shirt and skirt.

In the anime, the colors of some of her clothing are different. Her hat is black and yellow. Her dress is black with a white underdress and has red ribbons.




She and Mifune share a strong bond. Mifune, due to his liking for children, took her in and acted as her guardian instead of killing her as per the orders of Marlon. She cares for Mifune and calls anyone that fights with him a bully (even if he started the fight).

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Soul Eater Chapter 63 - Tsubaki babysits

Tsubaki babysits Angela, Fire, and Thunder

Upon realizing that the witch they were targeting was only a child, Tsubaki was hesitant to follow through on this mission, deferring to Black☆Star. Therefore, when Black☆Star decided not to kill Angela, she was pleased at the chance of sparring the child.

After the defeat of Arachnophobia and Black☆Star's killing of Mifune, Tsubaki, with Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre, accompanied Angela to meet with Death. The three argued that Angela had not yet fallen under the Pull of Magic, hence was not a threat that needed to be executed. Hearing their argument, Death easily agreed, surprising the trio at how lackadaisical the shinigami was.

After Death allows Angela to reside peacefully within Death City, Tsubaki is seen playing with Angela, acting as a sisterly or even maternal figure to the young witch.


Angela has shown great dislike towards the assassin, having seen him about to kill Mifune. She has also outsmarted him twice, once slicing his forehead with a samurai sword (making him bleed horribly) and a second time kicking him in the crotch when he burst through her wall (in the Anime adaptation only). Although they both clearly dislike each other, Black☆Star spared her life, claiming that killing a kid would 'give him nightmares' like Mifune had pointed out when about to kill him.

After he killed Mifune in their battle, Black☆Star was frustrated that his classmates and teachers refused to tell Angela the truth about Mifune's death, but after some convincing from Soul, he agreed to keep up the charade for her sake. Since that time, Black☆Star assumed a more brotherly role to Angela, bringing her along to observe his sparring match with Patty Thompson and promising to win—only to be defeated by Patty's kick to his testicles. His defeat failed to impress Angela, who proceeded to kick the downed Black☆Star in the head.

Following the battle against the Kishin on the Moon, as Black☆Star was practicing his levitating, he was surprised to find Angela, who was trying to sneak up on him like a ninja. Black☆Star, amused, pointed at Angela, telling her to pay attention to him to make sure he holds up to his promises like a real man, hence if he turns out to be fake, he promises his soul to Angela. Black☆Star concludes that fact is what separates him from Mifune.

Magic and Abilities

As Angela is not great at magic due to her young age, she has yet to develop any offensive attacks. The only magic Angela has been seen using is invisibility, which is imperfect as one of her hands can be seen. Angela also has some kind of connection with her hat, which can be seen extending a tongue, though it has not been shown demonstrating any useful purpose.

Despite her age and size, Angela can be rather aggressive. She is able to pick up a sword and attack with an overhead swing (generally aimed at the head) and can do a rising front kick (generally aimed at the groin). Due to being underestimated and small, these attacks are capable of succeeding due to surprise, as they have in two instances against Black☆Star.


The Bodyguard (Part 2) (flashback)

Mifune saves angela

Mifune offers candy to a rescued Angela

Marlon, head of the De Niro crime family, informs his bodyguard, a samurai named Mifune, that a rival family has acquired a powerful witch. Marlon assigns Mifune to capture the witch or kill her. After cutting his way through the rival family's guards, Mifune is shocked that the witch is a child, Angela Leon. Refusing to kill her, Mifune turns against the De Niro, willing to kill anyone who attempts to hurt the witch.


Angela was first seen when Black☆Star learned about her and went to kill her and Mifune, but seeing that she was just a child, he gave up killing her.[1][2]

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga’s Castle

While infiltrating Baba Yaga’s Castle, the DWMA team split up. Two members were ordered to play hide and seek with Angela and were told that if she started crying, they wouldn't be able to stop her. The couple went along and, despite seeing her only visible part, tried to maintain cover and ended up being hit in a very uncomfortable place by Angela.

Tying Things Up, and New Beginnings

After the conclusion of the battle at Baba Yaga's Castle and the demise of Mifune at the hands of Black☆Star, Angela is taken into DWMA custody where Shinigami agrees to take her in since she is fairly young and the Sway of Magic has yet to develop in her. When Angela asks what happened to Mifune, the group are at a loss to answer her. Soul visits the wounded Black☆Star for this reason, informing him not to reveal what happened to Mifune, as Soul is afraid how she'll accept the news at her age.

I'm Gonna Be An Angel

While everyone else is training, Angela is playing with Fire and Thunder with the supervision of Tsubaki in front of DWMA, while Harvar (who is sitting on the DWMA steps), mentions that none of them have anything to do.

A Healthy Soul and a Healthy Mind Dwells within a Healthy Body

File:Soul Eater Chapter 113 - Black☆Star and Angela.png

While Black☆Star attempts to spy on Tsubaki bathing, Angela imitates his spying skills but fails (about as much as Black☆Star does). Black☆Star then promises to her that he will be a real man—and if Angela sees that he has failed, then his soul is hers, because as he sees it that's the difference between him and Mifune. Even as a naked Tsubaki is annoyed at their presence, Angela is gleeful at Black☆Star's proposition.


  • Showing that she lacks both an actual mother or father (with Mifune acting only as a father-figure), this draws at least one of two conclusions: either that they were killed because they were witches, or that witches naturally separate from their parents at a young age. The latter would explain Kim's easy deviation from the Witch world and Medusa's contempt to Crona as her child. This may be a reference to the Miyazaki film Kiki's Delivery Service, where it is tradition for young witches coming of age to live on their own for at least a year.
  • Angela herself and other characters also refer to her as "An" or "Ang."


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