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Anya can be a little off-putting for some people as she acts rather cold and haughty towards others, but kind-hearted people can see that deep down she does want to make friends and accept her as their friends. Although she can insult some people, most people are rather tolerable of her tendency to be rude or stuck-up.


Tsugumi Harudori and Meme TataneEdit

Sometimes Anya feels left out, jealous of Tsugumi and Meme's close relationship as friends and a potential meister-weapon pair, or when the two of them do not want to treat her the same way given how dignified she behaves and dresses. For example, when they were cleaning the Death City pool, Tsugumi was reluctant to spray Anya with the hose, lest she damage Anya's expensive dress, whereas Tsugumi and Meme were fine doing so to each other earlier. Feeling left out, Anya pouts at Tsugumi.[1]

Tsugumi HarudoriEdit

She...She's should I say this..? Normal? She has no aura of personality about her....those twin pigtails look like she must of done them to mimic someone else's. .and that sweet smile actually works against her by making her seem even more ordinary. The only chance she'd have of standing out would be to pass herself as a "God of Common People" and hope someone would worship her. YES! That's it....That's what I've been seeking!

—Anya's first thoughts on Tsugumi, Chapter 1 (Soul Eater NOT!) (Yen Press)

Anya Hepburn - (1)

Anya and Tsugumi are united in saving Meme

Anya sees Tsugumi as an ideal friend to be with as she sees her as the 'God of Commoners,' thus the person she has been looking for all this time. This stems from Anya's desire to get to know 'common' people. Whilst Anya often acts coldly towards Tsugumi[2] , deep down she does want to be friends with her and can sometimes exhibit signs of jealousy and sadness when Tsugumi and Meme are chatting away together, already best friends whilst she is slightly left out as she finds it rather awkward to try and be more open.

Whilst a little impatient with Tsugumi's tendency to be nervous and indecisive, she does value her friendship deeply. She also has shown utter and complete trust in her as well as recognizing her inner strength, even promptly slapping Akane☆Hoshi when he stated to her her that "Harudori has given up", even going so far as to criticize him for that he should know her better then that.[3]

Meme TataneEdit

Anya can be seen to be slightly jealous of Meme as the Meister and Tsugumi get along very well. However, the two are shown to be good friends, although Anya can get a little exasperated at Meme's air-headedness and tendency to forget things. Anya is shown to get emotional after Meme runs up to save her from a Traitor at Death City and is concerned for her safety as well. Anya also acts as a sort of leader and decision-maker for Meme as she can take some time to catch on at times.

Akane☆Hoshi and Clay SizemoreEdit

As her secret bodyguards, Clay and Akane express concern for Anya's well-being. Although he can be cautious about her safety, he is aware of some of her more humorous qualities brought about by her fixation on commoners' lives. Nevertheless, when he thinks Anya is in danger, Clay's concern can lead him to be terse with and dismissive of her. Clay knew Anya was actually Princess Anastasia Yngling when he and Akane were assigned by her nation and the DWMA to serve as her undercover bodyguards. Before this revelation to Anya, the two were familiar with each other and seemed to get along. After this revelation, coupled with Clay's refusal to let her stay in Death City after Shaula and Meme killed Sid, their regard for each other grows more antagonistic, Clay defying her desires for the sake of her safety, and Anya frustrated with his dismissiveness and seeming lack of confidence in her and Tsugumi.

Before Sid's death, Clay expresses some bemusement at seeing Anya's over-the-top enjoyment with her job at Deathbucks, even as Akane mocked him for his own desire to get into the part.[4] Likewise, as she behaves to many of her "common" peers, Anya was initially haughty towards Akane and Clay before learning that they were her undercover bodyguards. When they first introduced themselves by name as NOT classmates working at Deathbucks, Anya referred to Akane and Clay as "foolish" for already spending their allowance and having to take this part-time job--when she as well spent all of her allowance and had to take the same part-time job.[5]

After Sid's death, Clay is more impatient with her when she refuses to follow his instructions to leave Death City due to the fatal threat that Shaula Gorgon poses. He expresses annoyance at her insistence to stay in Death City to comfort and assist Tsugumi.[6] While his curtness with her is not wholly personal, as he is following Sid and Mira Naigus's instructions, he does have an outburst at her due to his personal frustration that he could not save Sid. Despite his outburst at Anya, he is quick to apologize and seems embarrassed at his anger at her, turning away from her.[7] He also takes offense when Anya suggests he and Akane feel no grief over Sid's death.[8]

Despite his guilt over Sid's death potentially compromising his reason, Clay tries to be reasonable in advising Anya. He remains focused on her safety, preventing her from opening the door to their car to the Traitors, even if that means leaving Ox Ford to face them alone.[7] He also expresses concern that Tsugumi and Anya may get killed--or end up killing Meme--if they fail to destroy Shaula's mind control.[8]

In response to Clay and Akane's refusal to let her stay in Death City to help Tsugumi rescue Meme, Anya becomes equally dismissive and annoyed, glaring at the two and referring to their behavior as "stupid," perhaps because she thinks they are trying to cover themselves.[9]

Eternal FeatherEdit

Anya respects Eternal Feather as a senior student, even calling her "senpai." But when the opportunity arises, she does not hesitate to be a bit dismissive of her, such as bluntly calling her stage name embarrassing.

Eternal Feather tries to support Anya, advising her on jobs available in Death City to supplement her allowance, and also visits her at Deathbucks to see how her first job is going, noticing how she enjoys the work.[10] Eternal Feather also compliments recognizes Anya's skills, referring to her high-jump as "spectacular," noting it is the highest jump of any new female student.[11]

Ox FordEdit

After hearing Eternal Feather's description of Ox, Anya comes to see him as a "model student" attracted to Kim Diehl, finding such details to be sometimes impressive and sometimes worthy of mockery. She presents Ox to Hao and Raid as a role model for dedication to appearance, schooling, and physical fitness to impress women. At the same time, she is not above mocking Ox for taking on part-time work for Death Shipping, suggesting he mis-spent his weekly allowance on making purchases for Kim to impress her.[12]

Kim DiehlEdit

Despite Eternal Feather referring to Kim as a deceitful, greedy bully, Anya, alongside Tsugumi and Meme, seems to warm up to her quickly upon getting to know her, especially after helping Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré become Kim's demon weapon partner. Unlike Tsugumi, Anya seems less afraid of Kim, willig to criticize her openly and directly. Kim herself will refer to Anya as "Blondie."[13]

Although she will tease Anya, Kim also expresses concern for her health and is willing to use her Regeneration Magic on her, as she seems to for almost any other student. However, to hide her identity as a witch, and perhaps to keep herself distant from Anya, Kim is still contemptuous in her treatment, seizing Anya's sore arm hard and demanding Anya's hurry up with treatment so not to delay her. Upon analyzing her wound and skin, Kim also teases Anya for her "smooth and shiny" skin, causing Anya to blush and ask whether that is the extent of her diagnosis.[13]

Kana AltairEdit

Kana Atair (Manga) - (9)

Kana's tarot reading infuriates Anya

Anya and Kana have an antagonistic relationship, born out of Anya's dismissive attitude towards Kana's Tarot reading and out of Kana's ability to infuriate Anya.

Upon their first meeting, Anya insults Kana by dismissing her Tarot fortunes by expecting "the common masses [would tell] fortunes using coupons instead, beginning their antagonistic relationship that persists long after Anya moves into the dormitory.[14] In kind, Kana repeatedly mocks Anya through her Tarot cards, such as with the Fool, the Pig, and the "Go Home" cards,[14] or combining them to form insults such as the Dote card with the Pumpkin card to call Anya a "Riverbank Pumpkin" to call Anya common, unwanted, and ugly.[15] She also will mock Anya's Halloween decorations, referring to her Jack O'Lantern as a monster and attacking it, and Anya, with her Tarot cards.[16]

Anya attempts to fight back against Kana by correcting her apparent lies, yelling at her, threatening her, or dismissing her abilities and childishness. Although dismissive of Tarot, Anya seems to have enough knowledge of it to point out that Kana made up the "Go Home" Card.[14] Anya also yells at Kana and refusing to give her Halloween candy for throwing Tarot cards at her.[16] Finally, Anya sees "Kana-san" as a child, asking whether she will go Trick or Treating "with the rest of the kids"[16]--despite the older Anya's earlier desire to Trick-or-Treat herself.[17]

Sid BarrettEdit

Sid is Anya's teacher in her N.O.T. classes with Tsugumi and Meme, serving as a guide for how to best use her strength to adapt to a normal world. In the classroom, Anya seems to respect Sid as a teacher because she does not talk back to him, even when he drags her away from Tsugumi and Meme to work with another Weapon partner. Anya did likely feel some annoyance at Sid, however, as she saw how this exercise allowed Tsugumi and Meme to be close together emotionally and physically.

Despite her respect for Sid as her teacher, Anya is willing to stand up to him when she thinks he is doing harm to her friends. In the anime, Anya spoke strongly against Sid's detention of Meme on suspicion that she was brainwashed.

However, when the possessed Meme killed Sid, Anya like her classmates was devastated. This sadness influenced her acquiescence to Clay Sizemore and Akane☆Hoshi's firm demand that she leave Death City for her safety, as she likely would have ultimately refused to leave if not for Sid's recent death and the danger she realized she, Tsugumi, and Meme faced against Shaula Gorgon. But shortly after Sid's death, Anya stood up to Akane, slapping him and throwing back at him and Clay that they too allow Sid's death to underestimate her capabilities as a fighter.

It is not yet known how Anya reacted upon learning that Franken Stein resurrected Sid.

Mira NaigusEdit

Like her relationship to Sid and her other teachers, Anya shows considerable respect but will oppose them should she think their decisions fail to make the best use of her abilities, as she has confidence in herself and Tsugumi to face the threat of Shaula Gorgon. Whereas Mira followed the contingency plan her now deceased meister Sid had in place to remove Anya from Death City before Shaula Gorgon could attack again, Anya seemed cold to Mira before being escorted out of the DWMA by Akane and Clay. When Anya escaped her escort with Tsugumi to retrieve the antidote to Shaula Gorgon's Venom, she confronted Mira again and with Tsugumi refused to give up what they thought was the only vial of antidote, as such an antidote could save Meme from Shaula's possession.


When assigned by Mira Naigus to pursue extracurricular work at the Reception Office, Anya enjoyed a pleasant experience working with Auntie. Although Auntie was abrasive in tugging on Anya's vest belt to add more curves to her figure, Anya was impressed by the work she would be able to accomplish with confidential paperwork. As a meister, Anya also was impressed with Auntie's combat skills: after seeing Auntie roll up her sleeve before pummeling the quarreling Black☆Star and Kilik Rung, both Anya and Meme Tatane imitated rolling up their sleeves as well.

Franken SteinEdit

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 16 - Stein is a troll

Stein pranks Anya

As Anya does not suffer fools, she is easily irritated by Stein, especially when he is so prone to pranks that have terrified her. Nevertheless, she likely is as appreciative as Tsugumi that Stein saved the life of their friend Eternal Feather followed her attempt to kill herself when under Shaula Gorgon's possession and saved Meme Tatane from Shaula's possession.

When Anya first met Stein, she was as shocked as Tsugumi and Meme at the screw in this physician's head. She had heard rumors of Stein's experiments in creating zombies, thus that, when Stein tricked her to believe that he put a screw through Eternal Feather's head and had made her disembodied head into a zombie, it took some time for Anya to see recognize that the screw was fake and the disembodied head was a robot.[18] Stein later tormented Anya with more pranks by providing Eternal Feather with a wind-up screw, the screw-through-the-head, and the disembodied robot head for the healed Eternal Feather to use for her own tricks on Anya.[19][20]

Upon their next interaction, Anya attempted to suppress her irritation with Stein in order to retrieve from him the antidote against Shaula Gorgon's Venom so to save Meme from Shaula's possession. Stein warned Anya and Tsugumi that the antidote could be lethal, worrying the two students—but then he revealed that he was joking, which required Tsugumi to hold back the infuriated Anya before that meister pummeled Stein.[8]

Maka Albarn Edit

As her weapon Tsugumi has made Maka into her mentor, Anya recognizes the E.A.T. student. After Maka assisted in preventing her possessed friend Eternal Feather from hurting more bystanders at the Death Bazaar, Anya likely has profound thanks for Maka's actions, as well as admiration for her abilities.

Soul Evans Edit

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 23 - Anya and Fake Soul

Anya recognizes Soul is a fake tough guy

Upon her arrival at the Academy, Anya and Soul have initial familiarity with each other: he is the weapon to Tsugumi's mentor Maka, and Soul had previously assisted Sid Barett in teaching his NOT class, such that on later encounters Soul recognizes her, if not by name, then as a NOT student. The two later realize, however, that they had met much earlier when Soul's family had given a private performance to Anya at Yngling Castle. Anya and Soul have similarities that they recognize in each other: both students come from more privileged backgrounds while hiding aspects of their family and background, even their names (Soul Evans going by the stage name Soul Eater, and Anastasia Yngling going by the pseudonym Anya Hepburn). However, Anya has tended to tease Soul for such deceptions, thinking he looks like a "fake" tough guy when changing his name, demeanor, and attire.[21][22]


Anya struggles to speak with the taciturn Aaron. Although annoyed that Sid partners her with him for meister-weapon training, she is polite in her greeting, even when he does not offer a substantive reply.[23] His relative silence and inaction when she initiates their practice does irk her, however, although this annoyance is also due to seeing how well Tsugumi and Meme get along during their same lesson.[24]


Shaula GorgonEdit


This section of the article is incomplete and requires more information before it can be considered complete.

Traitor (Prototype 2)Edit

Although Anya is a quick, well-trained meister, she faces difficulty against the Traitor, almost dying in their first battle, managing to dodge some of his attacks but saved largely by the intervention of Meme Tatane, Akane☆Hoshi, and Clay Sizemore.

Anya is perceptive of the Traitor's abilities, methods, and potential to be a lethal threat. In their first battle, she quickly recognizes him as intending to maim or kill her. She also recognizes his modified Mantis Boxing technique and incredible skill and strength. As well, upon seeing his wound on her infected, she realizes that the Traitor's finger blade was coated with poison.

Anya has fears of the Traitor that persist after their first battle. Upon first encountering the Traitor, Anya was blushing, sweating, and tense until, at one point, she was unable to move. She is so frightened that, upon being rescued by Meme Tatane, she becomes teary and quiet, avoiding eye contact when Tsugumi Harudori asks whether she is okay and tries to pass off the Traitor's infected slice along her arm as "nothing."[25]

These fears remain with Anya for some time, allowing her to spot the Traitor even in a crowd at the Halloween Death Festival, realizing quickly his involvement to upset the event.[26] These fears of the Traitor also seem to motivate her to improve as a fighter to avoid potentially dying in any future combat; in the anime, she tapes a crude illustration of the Traitor to a punching bag, which she proceeds to attack during her afternoon training in the dormitory's backyard.[27]

In her encounters, Anya responds directly against the Traitor, referring to him as a "coward" and attempting to fight back.[28] Still, although he is her opponent, she is rather formal towards him, mitigating her insults slightly by referring to him as "a very creepy gentleman" and "a very strange fellow".[29]


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