Analysis Disassemble
Analyze and Decompose



Kaiseki Bunkai


Medusa Gorgon

Manga Debut

Chapter 46

Analyze Decompose (解析分解, Kaiseki Bunkai) is one of the spell Medusa can use with her Snake.[1]


Through the use of numerous Vector Arrows, the user is able to pull highly strengthened magical coatings of opponents apart. The ability is conducted by firstly summoning the various 'arrows' involved, before subsequently driving them with significant force, into a single point on the intended target.

Only then is the command stated, resulting in the "arrows" then proceeding to diverge from the point of impact, pulling apart the surface these 'arrows' are currently attached to. The spell is typically used to destroy an opponent's defensive measures, in order to follow up with an extremely devastating attack, without the worry of damage limitation or prevention.[1]


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