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Names::English name::Ami Koshimizu Kanji name::小清水 亜美 Romaji name::Koshimizu Ami



小清水 亜美


Koshimizu Ami


Ami Koshimizu

Professional Status








Kokubunji, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan




Aomori Yamada High School

Years Active




Notable Works

Lucky Star Vocal Mini Album
THE 夢のヒットスクエア2 キャラソン清澄対局編
裏スクールランブル二学期 ~DIE ANOTHER D! ~, Ura School Rumble Nigakki Die Another D!
Release Yourself, Volume 6

Notable Roles

Shaula Gorgon (Soul Eater Not!)
Ryūko Matoi (Kill la Kill)
Anemone (Eureka Seven)
Yuri (Death Note)
Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass - Lelouch of The Rebellion R2)

Personal Information


Kokubunji, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Ami Koshimizu (小清水 亜美, Koshimizu Ami; born February 15th, 1986) is an award-winning Japanese voice actress affiliated with Axl One management. She was born in the city of Kokubunji in Tokyo Prefecture and was previously represented by Production Baobab. Koshimizu's voice can be heard in song, anime voice over, video games, and radio. She performs as Shaula Gorgon in the anime of Soul Eater NOT!


  • She often wears contact lenses for her vision, but would revert back to using glasses when in private additionally while recording, she also had a habit of constantly switching the script between her left and right hands.
  • She is not particularly adept in her kanji and English. While recording for the Ashita no Nadja drama CDs, she mispronounced the kanji "横暴" from "oubou" (おうぼう) to the incorrect "yokobou" (よこぼう). She also did not understand the definition of the word "rise" from the similarly titled ending theme song she sang for AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission until she asked fellow voice actor Jun Fukuyama during the time spent recording for Code Geass. He gave her the metaphor of the word "rise" being used in "sunrise" to help her understand.
  • Mamiko Noto, Hitomi Nabatame, and Yui Horie have all jokingly made the comparison that the animal Ami most resembled was a mouse during their time spent recording for School Rumble.
  • After appearing in the commercial for the Code Geass video game, she liked her uniform from the fictional Ashford Academy she wore so much that staff members let her keep it.
  • She graduated from Aomori Yamada High School.[4] Due to her tall stature, she was often described as having model-like features by her classmates.
  • She was once part of the theatrical company, Gekidan Wakakusa before joining Production Baobab.
  • From her tenure in the Gekidan Wakakusa theatrical company, she was influenced by senior member Mayumi Iizuka to pursue her career as a voice actress.
  • She debuted as the voice of Nadja Applefield from Ashita no Nadja when she won an audition during her second year of high school.
  • She has been praised for her ability to voice roles ranging from taciturn to tsundere personalities.
  • In the first Seiyu Awards held on March 3, 2007, she won the award for best actress in a supporting role for her portrayal of Kallen Stadtfeld in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.
  • She co-hosts the radio program Comchat Countdown with Takahiro Sakurai.


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