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Free (Clan member; Relative)[1]

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Immortality (Former)

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Alone (アローン, Arōn) was a powerful Werewolf and member of the Immortal Clan member who attempted to become a Kishin.[1]


Alone, in comparison to Free, almost has no hair on his body. In fact, he is emaciated and his bones are visible. His head's hair is light grey and in the form of a horse's tail. There is a screwed piece of metal on his nose. He seems to have no teeth, but a part of his skin forms angular shapes at the mouth, suggesting these as teeth appear. His eyes are a golden colour. The clothes he has on are red, ripped shorts, whose belt looks like a purple dog collar with spikes. On his hands he has two bolt-decorated violet bracelets, holding two blades that extend over his hands.


Special ItemsEdit

Claws: Alone sports two braces with claws protruding out of them, using it to grab and skewer his opponents with it's sharp ends.[1]

Other Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Weaponry Combat Expertise: Alone possesses great skill with the usage of his claws, able to fight evenly with the members of Team Maka as well as later overwhelm Maka, requiring the assistance of her other teammates.[1]

Immense Power: Alone is an extremely formidable foe, being powerful enough to have killed some of the Three-Star ranking Meisters of Death Weapon Meister Academy sent to investigate his activities.[1]


Earlier LifeEdit

At some point, Alone lusted for power and began consuming Human souls. However, doing so resulted in him losing his clan's infamous Immortality and human form as a side effect.[1]

Montone PrincessEdit

Alone stole a cocoon that contained Nals's soul after he was defeated. In a castle in Germany, Alone remained hidden until he was attacked by the DWMA. He was apparently defeated by Maka and fell over. Suddenly, his eyes became red and he went recklessly against Maka, but was stopped by Black☆Star and Tsubaki, in her Shuriken form. Then he was attacked by Kid and Maka tried her Witch-Hunt on Alone again. At the last moment he could, he dodged and demonstrated that he wanted to eat the cocoon. However, Sid threw his knife into him so Maka could kill him with the Witch-Hunt. She did.


  • He is the only character of Monotone Princess whose sketches are not included in Soul Eater Soul Art. Instead, one Tatari is present among the Monotone Princess pages.


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