"One clean blow! Straight through the heart! Don't let it suffer!"

— Ahab advising Heming in "Hunt"
Ahab Profile Ahab as he appears in Soul Eater
Name Ahab
Alias(es) Demon Ballista (魔弩砲, Madohō)
Romanji Eihabu
Katakana エイハブ
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - MaleMale
Race/Species Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Demon Tantō Demon Weapon
Type of Soul
Weapon Form(s) Ballista
Status Alive
Professional Data
Place of Origin
Residence Sea Shepherd Village
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s) Heming
Ahab's Meister
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 88
Anime Debut(s)
Game Debut(s)

Ahab (エイハブ, Eihabu) is a elderly Demon Weapon from Sea Shepherd Village who is the partner of an unknown Meister and in his place, acts as a partner to Heming during the current year of the village's traditional Sky Whale hunt.[1]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Ahab is one of the two names in which was taken from two well-known stories about men battling the creatures of the sea. Ahab is the name of the captain from Moby-Dick.[2]



Contrary to the enormous proportions demonstrated by his partner, Ahab's depiction is instead representative of a typical elderly man. Slight and hunched in stature, his feeble body is evidently dwarfed by a considerable proportion of the general populous, including even young teenagers such as Maka Albarn. Some additional bulk is granted by the heavy winter clothing he wears to combat the harsh conditions of his local environment, however, even this is not enough to conceal his evidently slender build in spite of it obscuring the majority of his frame. This attire consists of what appears to be a traditional winter-climate and sleeveless variation of the anorak or poncho, which features thick fur-lining throughout and a large hood, worn over a simple pair of pants and combat boots. It seems at some point in the past, Ahab lost the lower portion of his right leg under unknown circumstances and has subsequently replaced it with a wooden peg. As a direct consequence of wearing his hood drawn up, Ahab's face remains constantly in shadow but from what can be seen, he has small sunken features surrounded by prominent wrinkles and a long white beard that is tied near its end.[3]

Ahab's anorak is embellished with an insignia on its left side, which is comprised from three angular lines of increasing lengths that each culminate in a small equilateral triangle at their tip. This emblem is reflective of the shape adopted by his tied beard.



Demon Ballista (魔弩砲, Madohō): In his fully transformed state, Ahab assumes the form of a large mechanical ballista that is mounted atop of a four-wheeled motorized vehicle, which seemingly draws influence from both a modern harpoon gun and all-terrain dune buggy respectively.The launcher component of this weapon is most similar to a crossbow, albeit on an enormous scale, featuring a horizontally mounted bow complete with a giant arrow-shaped projectile. Due to the enormity of this missile and the tremendous force with which it is fired, the ballista must be firstly locked into a stationary position using numerous hydraulic pistons, which are driven into the ground below the vehicle. This stable platform ensures the accuracy of the subsequent shot, while also minimizing the resultant recoil felt by the driver, which is usually enough to disturb any loose material surrounding the weapon itself.[4]The vehicle portion, however, is constructed to be capable of traversing the majority of landscapes with relative ease, while maintaining high speeds regardless of how difficult the terrain is. To achieve this the weapon utilizes a combination of both large robust wheels and durable suspension, as well as a compact but powerful engine.[5]


Previous HuntsEdit

Previously, Ahab would always perform the traditional Sky Whale hunt with his Meister until at some point his Meister was out of commission.[1]

Mad Blood ArcEdit

Arriving late to their scheduled meeting with the requested assistance from the DWMA, an apologetic Ahab accompanied by his meister Heming, details the situation that has prompted their invite to village. Citing his partner's inexperience as the reason for their inability to accomplish the hunt unlike in previous years, Ahab informs the group that in spite of his previous meister falling ill, because there is only one opportunity to go after this prey per year, the young Heming had to step in. Eager to receive their help to ensure the prosperity of the village, he immediately accepts Maka Albarn’s proposal to simply herd the beast towards them rather than kill the creature themselves, a plan which conforms to the local traditions that prevents outsiders from injuring the beast. Observing the children suspended in the air above, Ahab remarks that little city girls are cute, causing Heming to both chastise his perverted partner and lament the fact that he cannot fly. With Heming now donning his goggles and bidding farewell to the expectant crowd, Ahab assumes his fully transformed state and the pair embark.[6]

Alerted to the presence of the Sky Whale due to its bellowing cry as they continue to traverse the rough landscape, Heming declares that the clouds are too thick to locate the beast, but Ahab reassures him that he should instead hunt on instinct rather than sight.[7] Awaiting the others arrival at the appointed destination, Ahab is prepared to fire as the darkened form of the whale comes into view amongst the clouds, while advising Heming to take aim at the creature's heart to reduce its suffering to a minimum. Launching the enormous harpoon, Heming exclaims "GOT 'ER" as the missile collides with their desired mark, successfully concluding this year’s hunt.[8]


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