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Episode 13

A Vasili (アヴァシリ, Abashiri)[1] is one of the two Magics granted by the Demon Eye that involves the manipulation of ice.[2]

Cultural References

"Abashiri" refers to Abashiri, Hokkaido, a city in Japan with a reputation for being cold. It's a harbor city on the Sea of Okhotsk and it's a popular travel destination during winter for tourists who want to see drift ice. In addition, Abrashiri may also refer to the film known as "Abashiri Prison" in which follows a man who has six months left in his sentence but is forced to participate in a prison break out when paired with a hardened criminal.


Granted by the Demon Eye, this Magic allows the usage of the element of ice. The user is able to create it from thin air, manipulate its shape for their fitting, and freeze available water at will. This can, in turn, be used to freeze an opponent.[3]



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