Apex Twins
AFX-T (Arm Force Extreme Twin)



Āmu Fōsu Ekusutorīmu Tsuin


Soul Resonance


Kilik Rung + Fire + Thunder

Debut Data
Manga Debut

Chapter 34

Anime Debut

Episode 34

AFX-T (Arm Form Extreme Twin) (アーム・フォース・エクストリーム・ツイン, Āmu Fōsu Ekusutorīmu Tsuin; FUNimation "Apex Twin") is a Soul Resonance technique used by the Demon Pots and Kilik Rung.[1]


Upon using Soul Resonance, the user generates fire in his right hand and thunder in their left hand (via Demon Pots). The weapons in their spiritual dimension perform a dance to call on their power. The user then combines the two elements together, creating a large blue form of energy (resembling a large flame that gives off small bolts of lightning), which is subsequently condensed into a small ball. The user then drives the ball of energy into his opponent, creating a large explosion upon impact.[2]


  • "Apex Twin" may be a reference to the English electronic artist, Richard David James. This would not be the first allusion to James, as one of the posters in Soul Eater's bedroom is for Aphex Twin.[3]


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