Mosquito's Form 800 Years AgoMosquito attacked while transforming
Form from 800 Years Ago






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Manga Debut

Chapter 56

Mosquito's Form from 800 Years Ago (八百年前の姿, Happyaku Nenmae no Sugata) is supposed to be the most powerful form Mosquito is capable of, as it is said that it is the time when he was at his most incredible. He transformed when he discovered that Noah was defenceless and attacked the Sorcerer in anger.


From what is briefly observed of this form; his nose extends in length and his pupils multiply, to resemble the eyes of an insect. It appears that the form would also seemingly adopt the same formal black clothing present throughout the entirity of his other transformations, as demonstrated by the formation of black surounding his body.


This is the power from eight hundred years ago!!! In other words, the time when I was the most incredible!!!

Mosquito, Chapter 56

Even though the form appears to be easily defeated, Noah still notes that Mosquito is terrifyingly powerful and resilient, suggesting that maybe he exploits a weakness by launching a preemptive attack while the transformation is currently not fully completed.


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