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Mosquito 400 years colored
Form Data
English Title 400 Years Ago
Romaji 400 Nen mae
Katakana 400年前
Alternate Title(s) Form from 400 years ago (四百年前の姿 Yonhyaku Nenmae no Sugata)
User(s) Mosquito
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 52
Anime Debut

400 Years Ago (400年前, 400 Nen mae) is one of the various forms Mosquito can undertake with his Age Changing transformation. It is the most powerful transformation witnessed thus far.[1]


In this form, Mosquito takes the appearance of a handsome, tanned skinned[2] young man with neatly combed and slick, black hair. Like his previous forms, he still retains his butler appearance, wearing a well fitting, highly formalized and entirely black suit, accented by a traditional white cravat encircling his neck. He also adopts a vampire-like motif when in this form, constantly surrounded by bats which made up his own body.[1] According to his own statements, he is comprised of over 8,000 bats. Upon a much closer look and when emotionally revealing his far darker side, however, it can be seen that Mosquito has three pupils within his eyes and even possesses fangs.[3]


During his transformation into this form, his soul wavelength expands. Although it resembles that of his intial form's soul, the soul itself is much more larger and much of the "bat wings" become bigger and far more prominent in appearance then previously.[1]


According to Mosquito, this form is when he was very numerous.[4]



  • This form's appearance seems to be based off of the appearance of one of Ohkubo's previous characters, Apple Shinoda.


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