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Mosquito's 200 Years Ago form
Form Data
English Title 200 Years Ago
Romaji 200 Nen mae
Katakana 200年前
Alternate Title(s)
User(s) Mosquito
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 52
Anime Debut

200 Years Ago (200年前, 200 Nen mae) is one of the various forms the Bloodsucker, Mosquito, can transform to.[1]


This form makes him look more insect-like rather than human. His arms grow long and thin, tipped with large hands with long fingers. His legs take on a more animal-like structure, heavily muscled but ending in small slim points, with the toes touching the ground. He now walks and runs on all fours (although he can still stand up on his hind legs). His nose also grows incredibly long.[1]


According to Mosquito, this form is the form in which he was at his fastest as well as having the finest nose.[1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Nose Stinger:Like his first three forms, he still has access to his Nose Stinger in combat. Mosquito claimed that this form was when nose was at it's finest.[1]
  • Flight:In this form, he is capable of flight.[1]


  • Mosquito drags Kid and Free.
  • Mosquito moves too fast for Kid to shoot.
  • Inhuman Speed:According to Mosqutio, this form is also when he was at his fastest. In this form, Mosquito was fast enough to easily dodge Death the Kid's shots when using the Demon Twin Guns, even when being in close range. He even was able to move fast enough to where both Free and Kid, a Werewolf and Death God, were unable to see his movements clearly.[1]
  • Immense Durability:Just like his previous form, he is extremely resilient, surviving an onslaught of attacks from both Death the Kid and Free. Most impressively, he was able to tank both a Death Cannon and Demon Eye Cannon fired towards him at the same time.[1]
  • Enhanced Strength:Mosquito has enough strength to lift both Death the Kid and Free at the same time.[1]


Chapter 52 - Kid gains the upperhand with Mosquito in close combat.

This form is not ideal for close combat.

Despite the speed of this form, it is not suited for close combat, in which was mostly one-sided when Mosquito got close to fight Death the Kid, a renown close quarters fighter. This may be due to the form's body structure makes it too difficult to engage in close combat.Mosquito also has little ability when his movements are restricted.[1]


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