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Chapter 0.1 - Intro

Soul Eater ソウル=イーター Sōru=Ītā

Volume 1 Chapter # 0.1

Soul Eater is the first of the three initial one-shot chapters of the manga. It was first printed in a special edition of Gangan Powered and later reprinted in the tankōbon; volume 1. The anime episode is based upon this chapter.

Soul Eater Evans and Maka Albarn manage to gather the 99 demon souls needed for Soul Eater to become a death scythe. Now needing just a witch's soul, they face off against Blair, whose femininity proves to be an obstacle for Soul.


Cp 0.1 Maka v Jack
Maka faces Jack the Ripper.
DeltaneosAdded by Deltaneos

In a desolate alley, Maka Albarn stands atop a wall, armed with Soul Eater Evans in his scythe form. She glares down at the perpetrator, Jack the Ripper, informing the murderer that she is here for his soul. Jack laughs and readies his mechanical claws. Before the two parties battle, Maka notes how Jack is human, to which Soul replies that the shape is unimportant, it's the soul they're after. Jack leaps up, making a dive for Maka, who easily slices him in two with the scythe.

Cp 0.1 Jack's soul
Soul Eater takes Jack the Ripper's soul.
DeltaneosAdded by Deltaneos

Soul returns to his human form and grabs Jack's wandering soul, which is in the form of a ball. He devours it and Maka congratulates him on capturing his 99th demon soul, meaning he now only needs a witch's soul in order to become a death scythe.

Maka locates a mirror and uses her finger to write Shinigami-sama's number; 42-42-564… on it. He and Death Scythe appear in the other side of the mirror. Maka explains that they have now captured 99 human souls. Shinigami compliments Maka's scythe meister abilities, saying she is just like her mother, causing Maka to blush.

Death Scythe warns Soul Eater to stay away from Maka, his daughter. Soul rebukes the idea of wanting to be with Maka, degrading her by the size of her breasts. Death Scythe sticks his head through the mirror and starts to yell at Soul. He furiously asks Soul does he not think Maka has any charm and dares him to grope her, before turning to Maka and softly saying "I love you". Maka is unmoved and tells him to drop it, she doesn't regard him as a father anymore. As Death Scythe sulks in the corner, Shinigami insists that they leave family matters aside and get back on-topic.

Maka and Soul Eater's next obstacle is the witch's soul. Shinigami advises Maka to be careful, as he doesn't like seeing meisters lose their lives in battles with witches. He says not to let the Death Scythe her mother made, beat her and to make herself a great scythe. Maka and Soul respond affirmatively and leave.

Death Scythe continues to sob while talking to a doll of Maka. Shinigami tells him to give it a rest, threatening a Direct Noggin Shinigami Chop otherwise.

Blair taking a bath
Watermaiden15Added by Watermaiden15

Inside a pumpkin fashioned house, Blair takes a bath, while outside Maka tells Soul that the witch, Blair, lives in here.

Soul ignores Maka's advice and decides to dash in and meet Blair face-to-face. He leaps through a window ready for action, but unexpectedly finds his target is naked and inadvertently plunges into the bath. While Soul claims a cool guy like him is used to seeing naked women, Blair points out his nose bleed and rapidly beating heart.

Cp 0.1 Traitor
Blair nurses Soul.
DeltaneosAdded by Deltaneos

Maka jumps through the window, delivering a large kick to Soul's head for his stupidity. She turns to Blair, apologizing for disturbing her bath, but imparts that they are here to take her soul. However, she finds Blair is now nursing the injured Soul Eater. Pulling Soul away by the ear, she demands him to turn into a scythe.

To Blair's amazement, he changes to a scythe, while she herself makes her clothing appear. They engage in a fight as Blair launches a Halloween Cannon attack at Maka.

At a cabaret house called Chupa♡Cabra's, Death Scythe is indulged with the company of Arisa and Risa. However, after they mention his daughter, he bursts into tears. Risa explains that he's not good with women. As a result, he's going through divorce negotiations with his wife and his daughter claims to hate him, and is determined to make a scythe that can beat him. Death Scythe dashes out of the building shouting that he loves Maka.

The next day, Soul and Maka hide behind a tree, waiting to ambush Blair. Both of them are bandaged from their last encounter with her. Blair spots the two of them and grabs Soul pressing his face into her breasts.

The day after that, Soul and Maka prepare to face Blair yet again. This time, Maka has a plan written down on a piece of paper. Soul degrades the idea of using a piece of paper to defeat her. Maka asks if he has a better plan before scolding him, handing out a series of thumps, reminding him that nothing will get done if they don't cooperate. While Maka grasps Soul's mangled self by the neck, Blair appears behind them and makes them victim to another Halloween Cannon.

Cp 0.1 Round 4
Maka faces Blair for the fourth time.
DeltaneosAdded by Deltaneos

Their fourth round takes place in a street. Blair sits on a large flying pumpkin, while firing smaller ones at Maka.

In his scythe form, Soul criticizes Maka's strategy. Maka argues that he's done nothing but get nosebleeds. Calling men worthless, she accuses him of knowing Blair would be in the bath, when he jumped through her window. As the two continue to bicker, Blair invites Soul to join her, promising that she'll never scold him. Maka interrupts noting that it's her scythe and that Blair should talk to her. In that case, Blair says she'll take it after killing Maka.

Enraged, Maka jumps up, delivering an almighty swing with the scythe in Blair's direction, only to end up cutting a pumpkin instead. Blair appears behind Maka and blasts her away using Smashing Pumpkin. The tip of Blair's hat transfigures into Zwan, a hand with a face. Zwan grabs Blair by the leg and throws her away. Using the scythe as a hook, Blair latches onto a building and lands on its roof.

Elsewhere, Shinigami is watching the battle. He informs Death Scythe that his daughter is in trouble. The two of them witness Blair getting blasted off the rooftop. Death Scythe prepares to step in and save her, but Shinigami suggests otherwise. They could easily step in and save her, but that wouldn't solve the problem, and as Maka's father, Death Scythe should understand that.

Cp 0.1 Lovesick traitor
Soul announces that he wants to be Blair's scythe.
DeltaneosAdded by Deltaneos

Soul suggests to Maka that they quit and changes back to his human form. He announces that he no longer wants to be a death scythe for Shinigami and looks up in admiration, proclaiming that he wants to be Blair's scythe. Death Scythe is thrilled and starts to incite this decision. Shinigami raises his hand to him, elucidating a Shinigami Chop. Maka starts to accuse Blair of putting a spell on Soul, but Soul denies that saying any man would go for an older woman with a nice body over a small-breasted girl like Maka. As Death Scythe continues to egg on their separation, Shinigami delivers another blow to his head.

Cp 0.1 Backslash
Soul betrays Blair.
DeltaneosAdded by Deltaneos

Soul now stands at Blair's side. Upset with his decision, Maka starts to damn men for always cheating and messing around. Soul replies that cool men don't mess around while he transfigures his arm into the scythe blade behind Blair's back, and Maka realizes that Soul's "betrayal" is a trap for Blair. Before Blair has time to do anything, Maka grabs the scythe and cuts her in two.

Maka defeating Blair
JeffstarAdded by Jeffstar

Soul grabs Blair's loose soul in its ball form. Once again, he recites that it's not the form that matters; the problem is the soul. Ready to become a death scythe, he eats it, expecting a surge of power, but gets nothing but some wind. Just then, a cat strolls past, which they recognize as Blair.

Cp 0.1 Cat Blair
Maka and Soul learn that Blair was really a cat.
DeltaneosAdded by Deltaneos

Blair explains that she never was a witch, but just a cat with magical powers. Her being a witch was an idea they came up with themselves. Death Scythe approves and offers to be her cat toy, prompting Shinigami to Shinigami Chop him again. Now, after eating 99 human souls and a cat soul, Maka and Soul realize they're going to have to start all over again.

As they race away on a motorbike, Maka shouts back to Blair to stop following them and ask why she's still alive if they took her soul. Being a cat, Blair explains that she has more than one life (or soul, to be exact).

Differences in the anime

This anime episode Soul Resonance: Soul Eater, Becoming a Death Scythe? is based on this chapter. However, a number of changes were made:

  • Jack the Ripper was shown hunting women at the start of the episode.
  • The fight with Jack was much more drawn out.
  • The appearance of Jack's soul was changed. In the manga, it looked like any other soul, whereas in the anime it was red and tainted.
  • Before Maka and Soul went in search of a witch, Shinigami reminded them that they would lose all the souls they have gathered, should the next one not be a witch's soul.
  • The scene where Blair nursed Soul after Maka kicked him was excluded.
  • Zwan's name was not mentioned.
  • Shinigami was suspicious that Blair may not be a witch.
  • Before Soul sided with Blair, Maka was hanging off the edge of a building using the scythe to hold her up. Soul then transformed into his human form, where he was holding her hand, but let go.
  • Like Jack, Blair's soul was given a customized appearance in the anime, appearing purple and spiny.
  • Blair wore her hat in her cat form throughout the series.
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