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Cover of Chapter 86.

"Hellfire" is the chapter 86 of Soul Eater Manga. It was released on May 12th, 2011, along with the chapter 5 Soul Eater NOT! Like the previous chapter, it consists of 19 pages.


At the beginning of the chapter, after Death the Kid finds at a newspaper that Shibusen has decimated an oppossing faction located in Bagdad under suspicion of the Kishin being located there, he scolds his father about being extremely violent with them, adding there was no traces of the Kishin in that place. Spirit intervenes and states that Bagdad Government didn't answered Shibusen's petition of searching the Kishin. So, Kid thinks even his Father is not happy with this. Then Kid asks the headmaster of Shibusen for heading to Lost island, in order to find a trace about the Kishin there.

The scene returns to the fight between Tezca Tlipoca and the fused Clown and Justin Law. Tezca tries to persuade Justin of returning to Shibusen, as he berates the former Death Scythe for abandoning Shibusen and Shinigami. He even compares Justin's life with a monkey's, stating that the former is worse than the latter. Justin expreses that truth dosen't exist in this world, and asks if choosing a convenient God and living a delightful life is bad. Tezca then asks Justin his friendship, also attacking. He then proceds to charge a Solar Beam attack, something that the fused creature notes as Tezca is dangerous under the sunlight. The attack hits Justin, but it only manages to destroy a small part of his helmet. Justin then traps Tezca with carcan claws, and then prepares to strike him in one attack. Tezca gives a last try to make Justin reason. But Justin proceds to "judge" his former companion under the charges of searching the Kishin. He then bursts into an uproar of madness, as he says he is the messenger of peace, and declares to kill anyone sided with Shinigami who searches for the Kishin. Using his Guilty-or-not-Guilty attack, he kills Tezca, as he confirmes his identity.

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