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"Black☆Star" (Chapter)

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Black☆Star (ブラック☆スター, Burakku☆Sutā) is the second of the three introductory chapters in the Soul Eater Franchise. It was first printed in the autumn 2003 in the special edition of Gangan Powered and later was reprinted in the official Volume 1 in Japan of 2004 in and 2009 for it's English release. The anime episode: I am the Star! The Big Man is Showing Up Here? is based upon this chapter.


Isolated in darkness, the assassin Black☆Star stalks gang boss Al Capone but there's just one problem, the boy, Black☆Star loves to take the spotlight and messes up his mission, declaring himself the greatest star. Capone and his gang causes them to make a hasty retreat while being shot at. Tsubaki the Demon Shadow Weapon, is offended at Black☆Star's behavior for hindering the mission and then summons Lord Death for a mission report, Death is suprised that they've failed another mission but gives them an alternative.tells them that a soul exists that's worth 99 human souls. He goes on to say that the soul in question is guarding the witch Angela Leon.

Classified as a "Strong Soul", Mifune the samurai is confronted by Al capone and his mod, Tsubaki and Black☆Star partake in a rather 'steamy' situation with ending being Black☆Star impaled in the head by a shuriken thanks to his peeping session but during this, the entire Capone family is wiped out. The dark duo runs through the forest leading to Demon Cinder Castle and run into the stray souls and the one who caused it. They introduce themselves and battle accordingly, Black☆Star need to be in the spot light gets the better of him as Mifune strikes him albeit non-lethal, Black☆Star gets his act together in combination with Tsubaki's abilities to make a substantial comeback.

Black☆Star calms himself and with the help of Tsubaki, he lands the ultimate move in Black☆Star's arsenal, Black☆Star Big Wave, nearly incapacitating Mifune. the witch Angela arrives and turns out to be just a little kid as Mifune was guarding her becauseof her stature and power. After Black☆Star sees Mifune's drive to protect innocent children, he can no longer reap Mifune's and Angela's souls and nextly, says that he and Tsubaki will start soul collecting the next day having a happy ending. Black☆Star tries to peep at Tsubaki in the girls' outsde bath one more time only to achieve the same result as before, ending the chapter.

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