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I'm confused.

Why are they now concerned about Death not being able to leave Death city, when this whole time I thought he wasn't able to leave Death city?
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Anyone just strait up depressed that soul eater is over?😢
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My fav non canon ship

My fav non canon ship for Soul Eater is Maka x Soul
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What do you think?

Hey. I'm curious what you guys are thinking about Soul Eater Not! Like the artstyle, plot, that kind of things^^
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Hi I'm NCmagic

Hi I'm NCmagic and I'm a huge fan of soul eater and my fav people from the show r crona and make 4 sure!
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Death the kid

You rock kid including with your partners.
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When I first saw soul eater it was like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT
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Assistance Required

I need some assistance I'm dieing on the inside there are know more episodes of soul eater
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Soul Eater STAR - Soul Eater Fanmanga Sequel

If you are one of the fans constantly looking for new Soul Eater material, this fanmanga continuation of our beloved series is here for you! It is currently running through it's third chapter, so be sure to check it out if you'd like to sit back and read a new comic!


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When is there a 2

I want there to be a soul eater 2 and how does Kishin even take the blow from lord death if he’s stronger than him
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Do you ever realize how soul eater will most likely never get a reboot? How we will never see the Spartoi outfits, or even Soul as a death scythe? (not to mention Kid's hella outfits like when he went into insanity, damn that was a great look. Like seriously, oof.)
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This has nothing 2 do with soul eater but it is creepy

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Death the Girl is Death the Kid's Girlfriend

What if they add another character similar to Maka and Soul with there names reciprocal to them like Kam as a nickname of Maka's look-a-like somehow maybe Angeline Akam Chan Albarn I. M. which receipts into the Akam whose reciprocal is Maka and Luos for Soul umm maybe Luos Evans. And add up a little to mixed with yugioh arc v

(just an opinion)

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Far fetched conspiracy

What if Soul Eater was made up in Soul’s head? What if he got into a car accident and his body couldn’t take anymore pain? He made made up this world of where he always wished to be away from his family to “draw a line.” In the hospital, he was put on this medication to make him feel numb. When he got the scar, it was his body exaggerating on how the pain feels. When Kid asked about the “scar that he took on his chest,” it was the doctor asking about his condition.(Stein) Some medical fields say that some meds can give you mental things. Like in the last thing, it’s schizophrenia. This all happened in his sleep. How he met Maka was at one of his performances and how she was moved by the music. He didn’t know her and as Maka comes from the acronym comma which means scythe, so his haven gave her that name.

How he saw Liz and patty out on the street right before they crashed, how Tsubaki introduced herself to him and how he noticed how nice she was, Black*star blabbing about how he was the best and how Soul wanted to talk to him. (He made up names) Death city, Lord Death, 😑 come on. It’s a haven for his mind because that were he wants to go, somewhere else.

The Kishin souls are really demons because he’s in the purgatory. (World between life and death and he keeps coming back and waking up)
He made up these people so they didn’t die. Just in case you’re wondering.

The demon (medical condition)finally got to him in the second to last episode and he excepted it. The Kishin almost killed him and he held up a fight with his life. He got shot on the back, then again, the pain that he felt because the numbing faded. (The crash fractured his spine)

Finally when the Kishin is defeated I the last episode, he saw all the souls and he “sees the light” and he finally rests and goes to heaven.
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Soul eater

I’m sorry but my best friend used to find black star attractive but sorry peeps I used to find death the kid attractive (used to)
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